What is Karma? How is it Affecting Me?

How Can Family Constellations Help Me Deal With My Karma?

What is Karma? How is it Affecting Me?
Karma literally means action. There is a cause and effect relationship. Action-reaction.According to Eastern philosophy we are in a cycle of reincarnation, so that our thoughts and actions come back to us, either in our present or future lives. We have a choice as to how we deal with these situations. We have a choice to grow from the situation and make changes or stay in old patternsMost of us experience mixed karma in many areas of our life, a mixture of pleasant and more challenging situations.Life is full of experiences. You may have a good job and valuable assets, but without good relationships it is likely that meaning, purpose, happiness or peace will be missing for you.

The family you were born into is also part of your karma.

Facing it and accepting it, as it is, is usually all that is required to release you from the karmic cycle and improve your relationships from now onwards.

Not being connected or resolved with your roots, in terms of family, can be the cause of a wide range of difficulties, such as, relationships with partners and children, or in the work or business arena.

How Can Family Constellations Help Me Deal With My Karma?
Would you like to heal relationship karma personally and also generationally? Family Constellations is an alternative to traditional counselling and can be seen as Holistic Counselling or Spiritual Counselling.How would it be if you could do it in one or a few sessions , in a workshop or alternatively in a private sessions?From this position of strength and freedom you can start to make the most of your potential to create what you want in your life. Family Constellations is an effective way of dealing with your karma, in terms of relationships, that is relatively cost and time effective.Perhaps you have tried counselling or you don’t like the idea of revealing your thoughts and feelings. In Family Constellations there is no need for a lengthy revealing of emotions or history. All you have to do is state your issue briefly and answer a few factual questions. No emotional history is necessary.

Try something new. Family Constellations is the ultimate, in personal development and soul therapy, for the person who is really ready for change.

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