Is Trans-generational Trauma Real?

Family Constellations

Is Trans-generational Trauma Real? Trans-generational trauma has become a buzz word of late and may bring up questions such as:

  1. What is transgenerational trauma?
  2. How do we know that trauma can be passed to future generations?

Transgenerational trauma is a shock, fear or trauma, caused by extreme experiences and events. This triggers the ‘fight and flight’, so that the person has the energy to run or fight for survival. The best outcome is, if they are able to fully utilise that energy to get to safety, or to fight off an oppressor. If this takes place generally its job well done. The mechanism has fulfilled its function, so that the fear and trauma and the hormones may dissipate, and the body can reset to normal.

However, if instead the person freezes, the unprocessed trauma is often held in the body with the trapped unused chemical hormonal concoction, along with the fear and may become a trigger to fear and anxiety arousal symptoms into the future. This is frequently further layered with feelings of shame as well.  At not being able to protect themselves or those around them. Such feelings may lower self-esteem and a healthy sense of worth and becomes a potent place for mental health issues to arise and lead to disturbed feelings and behaviors. Such disturbances may lead to a need to seek distractions, or to self-pacify or self-medicate. Hence, we have the frequent cause for addictions and family and relationship break down in groups of peoples that have suffered injustice, violence and subjugation, group or individual trauma.

In terms of transgenerational trauma, it has been found that such traumatic experiences, if they can’t be processed during the life of individuals, are frequently passed on into the environment surrounding DNA to further generations. This is the study of Epigenetics. See Epigenetic mechanisms in experience-driven memory formation and behavior

As a family constellations facilitator it fairly common, for such generational trauma and its associated behaviors, to diminish in affected individuals through Family Constellations processes. They are able to release the trauma and re-establish healthier relational connections to each other and their cultural roots. There is a taking back of some of their power and dignity and a step towards moving on in their lives.

This training is open now.

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