1. 1 Communication

Family Constellation tip- Love heals.

What do you think is the most important order of qualities to maintain a long term relationship?

Communication Chemistry or Compatibility?

How you communicate in a relationship is very important. In fact many feel that if a relationship is in crisis then working on the communication is what is required to fix any problems. However trying to Fix a relationship when there is no basic compatibility is a relatively shallow resolution that may not have any lasting effect.

Chemistry is also very important particularly at the beginning of a relationship. However, this often wears off over time, especially if true compatibility is not present.

Many people reile too heavily on Chemistry as an indicator of a great attraction and then when it starts to fail may try to look at communication.If basic compatibility is not present for along term relationship, then this will also be insufficient for a deeper connection.

From a Family Constellation perspective  it may be necessary to look at the underlying dynamic of what each of a couple are caught up in from their family of origin. This is often the key to compatibility.

While a Family Constellation cannot ensure you stay together it can help you to find your place within and hence find a better place from which to connect to others in relationship. Many couple do in fact stay together after a constellation

Generally a Family Constellation helps you free yourself from unhealthy entanglements and loyalties and enables you to receive and give love more freely. This is a gift in itself as love heals.

Coming from a fuller more harmonious centre can only have a positive spin-off in all areas of your life, relationships, career and wellness.

Namaste’ May the God/Goddess in me see the God/Goddess in you.