International Family Constellations Training

The new face of International Family Constellations Training therapy  training – Yildiz Sethi – says

International Family Constellation Training

Yildiz sethi

International Family Constellations Training is taking place online on 2-10 January 2022 with Yildiz Sethi. The course contains 3 modules for professionals in an online comprehensive course dealing with Family of Origin, Present family and Private sessions. This is an exciting, revolutionary way of dealing with issues for individuals and relationships from the teachings of Bert Hellinger. The format of the course is perfect for national and international therapists. This course will be conducted in English.

Yildiz is a registered practicing psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and training since 2005 of Family Constellations. She is a former educator of Australian College of Applied Psychology who specialised in teaching methods of counselling .Yildiz has attended training by the innovator Bert Hellinger and Svagito Leibermeister. In addition attending many other international trainings. She is highly experienced and has been running monthly Family Constellations  workshops in Brisbane and Sydney since 2005. She is an expert of private sessions and workshops in Family and Business constellations.

International Family Constellations Training description

“Family Constellations is a revolutionary, powerful, systemic approach to individual, relationships, success and wellness issues. It is an effective, experiential, solution-focused. An energetic, psychotherapeutic approach that assists people in finding new healthier perspectives on themselves and their family or situation. This provides an avenue from which they can grow and form healthier relationships in the present.”

She believes that “Family Constellations is an effective methodology to restore or heal faulty attachment bonds from family of origin that is relatively brief in nature. The process may stand alone or be part of a longer therapeutic process.”

Yildiz continues:

  • “As a registered counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist, talk therapy is fine for communication, debriefing, sorting out thoughts and feelings, but is not so effective with deeper unconscious or systemic issues Hence, the need for more effective and efficient methodologies.
  • “Family Constellations can be experienced in a group/workshop situation or alternatively private session”.
  • “The International Family Constellations Training is ideal for those who already work in a therapeutic manner with others”.
  • “There is evidence to support the effectiveness of working systemically. The study of Epigenetics is showing that DNA is not as hard wired as previously thought and can be switched on or off by environmental, social and emotional factors. DNA can also be changed by patterns passed down generations through relational bonds.
    Quote from the study,
    ‘It turns out that although I don’t remember my life before four years of age, my genes do. What I ate, how I responded to events, how my parents treated me, what I learnt, all placed chemical markers on my DNA. Those tags affect how my genes are expressed throughout my life.’
    ​Studies in Epigenetics shows that social, environmental and emotional and relational factors affect the switching of DNA markers on or off.  Hence, the work of Systemic Family Constellations that deals with:
    healing trauma
    resolving emotional
    improving wellness for individuals, families and for the extended family system. It is a valuable methodology for deeper healing”.

“The International Family Constellations Training focuses on:

  • Family of Origin,
  • Present family,
  • Private sessions
  • Practice”

“The training involves both Professional and Personal Development.”