Family Constellations
We are hardwired to seek connection, belonging and love. We are born into families, groups and society. These support us, in holding us and providing a place, and we are driven by an impulse for sex that is hard to resist. This has led to our immense success as a species as humankind has taken over the world.

But we also have an inner drive for love and deep connection and romance that is a very deep powerful impulse. Many of us continue to look for love. Within a relationships we seek to move through transition times that are difficult. Post honey-moon when we have to navigate the practicalities of living together and going to the next level of connection. Post childbirth when we are challenged with the role of parents and to renegotiate our relationship. Post adolescents of children and empty nest syndrome when we are faced with another point of change. Facing maturity and old age. Each stage of life throwing up challenges where we are forced to look at our intention for love, romance and deep connection.

We could leave a relationship at any of the challenging stages of life, when we realise that our intention is not in line with the other, or with what we require now in terms of relationship or growth. These often change and require long term relationships to change too if they are to survive.

Leaving a relationship can leave emotional trails in our heart and mind until they are respectfully completed allowing a complete letting go and an opening to new possibilities. Our first relationships are often driven by family patterns of loyalties and entanglements. To survive, change has to take place if it is to grow and be harmonious. Other people will seek new relationships with a new pattern or new intention. One that is more conscious.

Family Constellations can assist you with this or in allowing you to make changes within the existing relationship.

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