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Improve your Health and Wellbeing with Health Constellations
-Dis-ease and Wellness Constellations

There are a large proportion of the population who seek alternative healing methods because they don’t feel that all aspects of their illnesses is being recognised or able to be treated in the traditional medical model.

Hence the rising popularities of naturopaths, kinesiology, Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs), Ayurveda, massage, energy healers and many more.

I too remember a time when my health was suffering and doctors kept pronouncing that there was nothing wrong with me as they hadn’t yet accepted there was such an illness as chronic fatigue syndrome. I had a choice of accepting my disabling energy levels or seek help in other fields. Once I was on track with a suitable alternative approach I recovered and remain extremely well twenty years later. In my case and in many others with different diagnoses the emotional overload we carry is frequently the underlying driver of dis- ease. Until my own health experience that felt very ‘physical’, I had no idea that I was so entangled with my family system and what an impact it was having on my health. Of course I took herbs and was careful with nutrition and increased exercise to a suitable level as well, to support the healing process and to enable wholistic healing.

Family Constellations is a process that can assist you in finding out what it is you’re carrying that is contributing to your health issues. In many cases allows the person concerned to let go of what they carry and sort out deeply blind and repressed loyalties and confusions that inhibit our wellbeing. In a health constellation this is not a general constellation, but one looking at a specific illness or symptom. Dis-ease may be manifested in physical or mental health diagnoses.

I am very mindful that all dis-ease cannot be cured as we all have a life span and need to accept the cycles of life and death and so I can’t guarantee cures, but do what I can, knowing that if it’s not yet time for a person to leave their body, a self-healing process may be able to take place.
If it is not possible to heal, perhaps a new place of acceptance and peace may be achieved, if the person is seeking this.

I am offering advanced training in Health and Dis-ease constellations to those who have done level 1 Family Constellations training with me and avenues for other practitioners to come on board.

This is ideal for all people who ‘help people’ and are looking for highly effective ways to help those they serve.  You will learn how to work using health constellations in private sessions and workshop in person and online.

Psychotherapists, counsellors, alternative practitioners, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists, to give them the knowledge and skills to facilitate self-healing processes to those who seeking alternative help with their issues around wellness.

I offer Dis-Ease and Wellness Constellations private sessions. Details and am holding Dis-Ease and Wellness Constellations training on 6-8 October Online. This is for those who’ve already done Family Constellations training.

I also offer a package for those who would like to do Family Constellations plus follow up with Dis-Ease and Wellness Training. Details

I like to visualise a place where Health Constellations may take place alongside traditional and within or alongside other alternative medicine for the whole of our life span. So more of us may have longer health periods and fewer periods of chronic health.

My name is Yildiz Sethi, a Pracademic focusing on Mind Science in practice, a Family constellation facilitator and trainer and innovator of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing and Trauma and sexual abuse recovery informed knowledge and processing.

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