Family Constellations training for recovery from sexual abuse and traumaEven though you are an individual and may consider yourself ‘self-made’, you enter life through your family system and that continues to be part of who you are, although it deosn’t need to define or limit you.  We are all individuals carrying both the resources and shadows of those who came before us. Making peace with this is an essential step in growth.

Epigenetics shows that patterns, resources, energy and trauma are transferred through generations. This explains why even though you may have done lots of personal work, why some patterns persist.
Family Constellations is a process that can assist in clearing and assisting you in unburdening yourself and is in keeping with the latest findings in neuroscience that show that the brain and the nervous system have the capacity to rewire and hence heal and change. This greatly supports our work in the Constellation field, as we know through many years of working with real people in Systemic  Constellations, that deep psychological and energetic changes frequently take place through this powerful, experiential approach.

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