A central Family Constellation principle is that there is always love at the core of all family systems.
Many people may be confused or even enraged when they read this. This may be because they are so hurt from their own family system or from observing the cruelty they see in other peoples lives. Many would say, ‘how can love be at the core if abuse is taking place people or there is alcoholism or addiction’ that damages peoples lives?

The reasons are varied and complex. I have give 3 here.

Trauma from life and world circumstances such as wars, famines or big political movements cause such a deep imprint that they cannot easily be expressed, released or dissipated. Hence it becomes part of the family system energy disrupting the normal flow of love.

Confusion and the inability to send or receive love appropriately causes rifts between generations so that the family in crisis becomes out of Order in order in order to simply survive.

Being out of order in itself causes more entanglements until it can be resolved and put right again.
This has an effect on our self worth, relationships, parenting and our ability to be successful in the world.

The Systemic process of Family Constellations is a valuable simple process to help each of connect back to the love at the centre of our family system. The Constellation process is Brief, experiential, powerfully effective and operates on many levels simultaneously for rapid change.

We all belong to families and are all subject to each of the above and more. Family Constellations can help you to come back into Order, internally and from there live a fuller and more harmonious life.