The solution to niggling health problems may not lie in diet, lifestyle or medication but in your family dynamics says Yildiz Sethi in Lifestyle magazine February 2016

Healing Health Family Constellations Yildiz Sethi Published Nature and Health magazine February 2016
Family Constellations views us primarily as relational beings rather than the totally individual entities that many of us consider ourselves to be in the modern world; especially since the advent of Freudian influences on mental health and talk therapy. As human beings we are born through relationships that are heavily laden with ancestral lineage and this has an effect on who we are and how we view the world. We come into the world through and with love and many other emotions, qualities, loyalties and entanglements that can bind us, until we come to peace with them in a respectful way so as to gain more freedom as the men and women of our ancestors and to be ourselves.

Family Constellations is a psychotherapeutic, energetic, experiential process that is brief and solution-focused in nature. The Constellation process may stand on its own, or be part of a personal development or psychotherapy alliance. This powerful, cutting-edge approach was introduced to us by Bert Hellinger, an ex Catholic priest and German family therapist in the 1990’s as a group process and continues to be developed and redefined in the present and is now also available in private sessions.

The group process consists of people, often unrelated, who form a circle with the facilitator to take it in