Levels of Training Family Constellations

This is an alternative way of working with the underlying dynamics of mental health, wellness, success and personal and spiritual growth.

In a Family Constellation workshop we sit in a circle with the facilitator and those who have elected to have their own constellation take turns to come forward to say what they want to work with. They set up their constellation with the people in the group, who normally don’t know them or the people involved. They set up a representative for themselves and one each for each of the people involved and sit back and watch it unfold. The facilitator watches and guides the process. The representatives express what they feel as the person, or their mother or father, sister etc  Often grandparents are also included and this opens it up to find the source of patterns, disturbances or trauma in the family system, that is affecting the person in the present. New information, awareness, secrets and solutions arise. The constellation completes in around 20 minutes to an hour.

So why look at family? Especially when this is often problematic and we don’t want to repeat negative patterns or behaviour in the present? Because we are deeply entangled and conditioned by our family. So even if you have a difficult relation with parents or no relationship, it has an effect on us and our own children and the way we do life, unconsciously. A constellation will show the underlying dynamic of what you carry or are entangled in and the safe, respectful way of letting it go, so you can walk away feeling at peace with yourself, (your soul) and with the family you were born into. This sets us up for more peace, freedom and love in our lives.

Look at relationships, why you keep attracting the same type, or why your not attracting a relationship, spiritual divorce to set you free, parenting, sabotage patterns, health issues…….the list is endless.

Family Constellations may take place in workshops or private sessions. I hold private session here on Tamborine mountain and workshops too. My next workshop is on Sat 22 July 2023 9-5 pm. See details and book in here. https://familyconstellations.com.au

Yildiz has a Master Counselling and has been in private practice since 2000 and doing Family Constellations since 2005


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