The problem is we are born into an overwhelming and confusing world. Into family as the present day member of a long line of forefathers and mothers with a deep tapestry of culture, history, triumphs and tragedies that seek expression. Influences that pulsate in us to be felt or acted out or alternatively put to rest in the present. To make it even more interesting we are each individual souls on a soul journey with a unique psyche and emotional patterning in how we view and make meaning of our experiences, thrown into a whirlpool of family patterns, emotions and entanglements. All part of the flow of love.

Layer upon layer of mystery, experience, knowledge and learning within each human life to draw on and disentangle, if we choose to go there.

No wonder once we have mastered the art of survival we come to a point in our lives when we start to ponder the big questions. Who are we and what is the meaning of life?

We are born into family and with a natural urge to belong and seek love and in doing so we become entangled with our parents. We take this with us as we go forward by pursuing what needs to be resolved from our formative years through our relationships of all kind, personal and work. In this it often results in finding we have married our father or mother so to speak.

Relationships are challenging. We challenge each other. Our loved ones hold a mirror up to us to show our patterns and blind spots. How else could this come to light? Here we see the patterns arising in ourselves, through our choice of partners and playing out in our children. They seek acknowledgment, expression and solution.

This is why people who seek help in family constellations are often, but not always mature people who are seeking a bigger picture and a deeper resolution of their mind, heart and soul, in finding newer and healthier perspectives to live by. A process that is heart-felt and where people can find their own solutions and meaning and ultimately more peace.

I am much like you in attempting to make sense of who I am and what is mine. What is my responsibility and what I don’t have to carry as a burden and what I need to change within me and let go.

These questions have become central to my life and my passion in helping myself and others live more fully. This is why I have spent the last twenty years sourcing the best ways of facilitating change and self-healing that are brief and effective. I found through psychotherapy that many deeper issues are systemic (coming from the family system.) Traditional counselling, psychotherapy and psychology are not equipped to work at this depth in a way that is precise and effective in a short amount of time.

This is such a fundamental aspect of our human existence that once it is acknowledged and found a better place, it is interesting to observe that other aspects of our experience become easier to work with. This opens up more freedom and clarity to begin to process other layers of existence with more ease.

I believe being born into complexity and entanglement is very much part of our spiritual journey as in doing so we are challenged to sort out so many fundamental aspects of who we are.

This is why I hold regular family constellation workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and why I am offering training in these cities so that many more people may have access to the help they require in living a more satisfying life. More facilitators and more workshops resulting in better mind health and relationships for more individuals and families.

I have a vision of family constellations workshops taking place in all cities and suburbs so that people can resolve issues as they arise, so that mental health issues are nipped in the bud, rather than being left to fester for a whole lifetime and continue to be transposed to their children and grandchildren. This process is relatively inexpensive, involves connecting with others in the community in a workshop and releasing and resolving  insecurities, disconnection and systemic trauma from which dis-ease and mental health issues thrive.

Family Constellations training and workshops are available in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and private sessions are available in person or online. The Family Constellation process is available to anyone who is ready for this level of personal growth and self-healing.