Generational Anger

Systemic Family Constellation

Some people carry anger that makes no sense.

They don’t know why they feel so angry as their life doesn’t seem to have had situations that account for the feelings of anger or age they feel.

Its only when you look at their family system that you may recognise that one or both of their parents are or were angry. Or that there has been a great deal of injustice in their cultural history or in former generations. Colonisation, rape, taking of land or being blamed for something they didn’t do that had big consequences on their lives and their family resulting in humiliation or shame and anger.

This may affect many people from many walks of life.

I use Family Constellations to uncover the source of systemic anger and to assist he person concerned to resolve it for themselves and their system in a way that allows them to express it and let it go. This often has a profound effect on the person and on their relationships and allows them to take back their dignity in a healthy way and move on in their lives in a better way.

This may be experienced in private sessions online or in person or in online workshops when they are available in a brief and profound experiential way.

Systemic Family Constellations is an ideal way to resolve generational patterns that are dysfunctional in a way that is brief and solutions focused.

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