Benefits of Family Constellations

Yildiz Sethi offers a FREE Webinar on the nature of the mind, consciousness and wellness as proposed by the curiosity and innovations of the original wave of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic giants and how this has developed into the present. She discusses developments in the science, neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics that have greatly contributed to where we are now, in the new wave of psychotherapy that is available.

Yildiz is the director and practitioner of Family Constellations and deeply involved in utilising Higher Consciousness for therapeutic outcomes for individuals and family.

She explores Energy and how the links between the mind, generational mind and collective consciousness are demonstrated in the process of Family Constellations, showing that we are all connected. Within this she presents how collective consciousness known as the Knowing Field in Constellation terms accesses the generational mind in unlocking trauma, unresolved emotional and psychological baggage to allow self-healing to take place for individuals and the family system. Yildiz shows the links between neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics providing evidence for healing nature of energy work through the collective unconscious. Showing how the mind and consciousness operates and has the capacity to heal.

This will include:

  • The development of our understanding of human consciousness, the mind and the brain and therapeutic approaches.
  • The power of emotions
  • Neuroscience and epigenetics
  • The morphogenic field or Knowing field
  • Levels of healing
  • How Systemic Constellations utilises human systems and individual in facilitating self-healing.