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Yildiz Sethi is a highly experienced Systemic Family Constellation practitioner, trainer who received her first training with Svagito Leibermeister and second major training with Bert Hellinger, the founder.  She has been a counsellor, Psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist since 2000 and a Constellations practitioner since 2005 and has held monthly workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and training primarily in Brisbane. Yildiz is a former physics and chemistry teacher and was an educator at ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology) for eight years.

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Make a difference with Systemic Family Constellations

Many issues that people face come from patterns that they are born into in their family system. These may be relationships, behavioural or emotional patterns and the energy of unresolved tragedies, disappointments, injustice and trauma. This includes poor attachment bonds and sense of worth and connection that frequently underly many mental health issues.

The Constellation process will assist you in working with self-esteem, relationships of all kinds, parenting, fostering, adoption, miscarriage, abortion, immigration and generational trauma and sexual abuse.


Details about online Family Constellations training

Learn the art and practice of Family Constellations online.

This is a full Systemic Family Constellation practitioner training where you will learn about the dynamics that people carry from their family and how they may impact present situations such as self-worth, family, relationships, blended families and much more.

The training covers the understanding of dynamics, entanglements, loyalties, blind love and how to work with the system towards solutions and more freedom for the client and the system.

The course contains 11 webinars, content information, worksheets and you will recieve a copy of the course book called Rapid Core Healing. You may work at your own pace and must be present to 5 days of Online live interactive constellation set dates of experiential learning. A valuable training of personal and professional development that may stand alone or be added to what you already do.


What is included in Systemic Family Constellations training?

Online Composite Training

The training provides you with the knowledge and skills to facilitate self-healing for a wide range of issues from coaching to personal development to mental health and trauma recovery.
This training is created to allow you to start your study NOW at your own pace and be ready for the live componentas your final task in this course.
Chaeck the current date of the onlive component at the bottom of the page.
The training consists of online learning with:

  1. Training with Yildiz
  2. Receive the course book Rapid Core Healing.
  3. 11 recorded webinars so you can work at your own pace with PDF download information.
  4. Course book Rapid Core Healing.
  5. Tasks, study, Reading.
  6. Delivery of the course is through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice
  7. Online experiential Live zoom component  5 day, 9-4pm where you will experience the process first hand and also practice within the training.

On completion:

If you are already a practitioner you may add Family Constellations to your existing indemnity insurance.

If you are a new practitioner you may do the short  online Code of Conduct Module for Healthcare Workers.This is included in the fee you have paid. Then you may purchase your indemnity insurance and may start working.

Once you have completionand insurance you may be listed on our website under Trained by US HERE

Supervision/mentoring with Yildiz is available after completion which may be claimed as a business expense on your tax return.

75 hours of Professional Development

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