FAQ’s of Systemic Family Constellations

Can you offer me a Medicare rebate?

No. I am a counsellor, hypnotherapist and not a psychologist so I can’t offer you a medicare rebate.

Can you offer Private Health fund rebates?

I can offer up to 15 private health fund rebates so if your insurer is on  these you may gain a rebate. I suggest you contact you provider to see if they provide rebated for a registered counsellor/hypnotherapist with ASCH

How many years have you been a therapist?

Since 2000 where I started as a counsellor.


How long have you been doing Family Constellations?

Since 2005.


What are your qualifications?

Masters Counselling, Diploma clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Prac, B.Ed, Certificate in Ego State Therapy,
Supervisor for counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Systemic Family Constellations.
I am also the founder of EMI Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing na new approach to Recovery from sexual abuse

Who was your trainer?

Originally Svagito Leibermeister and then Bert Hellinger (the founder).


Is Family Constellations a form of counselling?

No. It is not talk therapy. It is a deep psychotherapeutic process that works with the generational mind in a way that counselling or psychotherapy is not equipped to do.


Is Family Constellations a form of psychodrama?

No. Drama is not involved in a Constellation process.  In a Family Constellation process we allow energy to emerge so that a dynamic may be uncovered and gently expressed and better order to come out of the process.


Can Family Constellations change the other members of my family or relationships?


While with some people this may be an effect, for most it is an internal healing or transformation that may result in better connections and relationships for some. Ultimately it is about finding your own inner place and inner peace.


Can I do a Family Constellation for someone else such as  my parent, sibling or friend?

No. Constellations are to be done for you or your child under the age of 18, It is for each adult to take the responsibility of doing their own constellation process and inner work. This may be done in person or online.
We don’t have the right ethically to work with another adult’s energies other than what is specified in constellation theory and practice.

How can I do my Family Constellation?


A private session in person or online or a Family Constellations workshop.


Do I have to bring the other people of my family, relationship with me for a session?

No. Come by yourself. The constellation will show your perspectives and dynamics and assit you in finding more freedom and choices.


What kind of issues is a Family Constellation appropriate for?


Relationships, mental health, generational patterns and trauma, wellness, life purpose, work and success related issues,


Why does a Family Constellation session cost more than a counselling or coaching session?


It is a brief approach that is experiential and will assist you in finding self-healing in a way that other modalities are not equipped to do.


How many Family Constellation sessions are required?

Often one session for each issue. For more complex issues there may be a few follow up sessions.


Is a private Family Constellation as effective as a group session?


Yes. The group session adds to the feeling of connection that we as human beings find comforting. However, similar results are found in each way of holding a constellation.


Can a Family Constellation help me with changing a pattern? EG. Losing money or choosing the same kind of partner.


Yes it can show the entanglement you are in and assist you in becoming free-er to make new choices.

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