FAQs of Systemic Family Constellations training with Yildiz

What are your qualifications?

Masters Counselling, Diploma clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Prac, B.Ed, Certificate in Ego State Therapy, Family Constellations training completions with Svagito Leibermeister, Bert Hellinger (the founder).
Supervisor for counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Systemic Family Constellations.

Do you have any teaching or training experience?

High school Physics and chemistry teacher for many years

Educator at ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years. Training of Systemic Family Constellations since 2008.

What kind of training or further professional development should I do?

It is important to consider what is most important to you.

Do you want to work within a medical model organisation supported by the government, charity or religious groups or develop a private practice of your own?

If you prefer to work within a large organisation you may be advised to take their advice about what types of modalities they would prefer you do.

If your preference is to develop your own private practice you may choose to do any training that you find inspiring such as Systemic Family Constellations to that assist you in becoming an effective practitioner.

I am not sure which kind of training is the most cost effective for me

Traditional education or training may provide you with a sense of status with lot of theory and philosophy which you may find enjoyable and appropriate for your career. You may pay through HECS payments over many years.

I am a private training provider. My trainings are grounded in the latest relevant elements of former psychotherapy approaches with present-day neuroscience and epigenetics and provide you with theory and philosophy and structure and skills to work with real people and their relational, family and systemic patterns or issues and transgenerational trauma in a brief, effective and experiential manner. With Systemic Family Constellation training you may build a viable business for a wide range of issues and groups of people according to your wishes.

This is a cost effective training in giving you what you need to become an effective practitioner in your community. Well worth the cost.

I have done a lot of training in counselling, psychotherapy that has cost me a lot of time and money so what are the benefits of doing Systemic Family Constellation training with you?

If what you have done so far has equipped you to work efficiently with your clients that is fine. But if you find that you are still looking for more effective ways of working specifically with systemic issues, Family Constellations training may be your next step. With training in Family Constellations you will be able to work with attachment issues, relationships, family, worthiness and self-esteem and generational patterns and trauma.

I am doing eg, a (Master’s degree, PHD) that is taking up a lot of my time and money and would like to do your training, but can’t afford the cost, could you offer me a discount?

You may have to make a choice. I am a private provider of Systemic Family Constellations training . The Constellations training I offer is a top quality, theory and practice that is grounded in experiential learning and personal and professional development. This is cost effective in delivering skills and knowledge for you to develop your practice on and help those in your community. I do offer Early Bird prices and discounts on packages on my sales pages. I don’t offer further discounts

I have no former counselling training, can your Systemic Family Constellation training give me enough knowledge and skills to start working with people?


On completion of the training you may do a short online course that is included in your fee to ensure compliance information for becoming a practitioner and gain indemnity insurance for your practice.

Do you offer payment plans

This is an online course and so you get the whole course except the final live component once you sign up so I can’t offer payment plans.


I am an established practitioner and wonder if Systemic Family Constellation training will be compatible with what I am doing with my clients/patients.


Constellation work is deeply foundational and is quite easy to become foundational to what you do with your clients. However, the constellation process should not be blended with other therapeutic processes if you are to gain best results.

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