Family Constellations workshops sydney Brisbane

We’ve had numerous requests to bring back Family Constellations in-person workshops.

People miss the experience.

We are offering two in-person workshops soon.
One in Brisbane and one in Sydney.

In the upcoming Brisbane workshop, we are proposing to film a couple of constellations for release on my website for enquirers to see.

Although many of you may have experienced a constellation by looking at your own constellation. Or have been a representative or observer in a workshop, there are many out there who are only just becoming aware of the constellation process and are eager to understand it more fully.

Anyone of you who have tried to explain what and how a constellation works, will know that it’s almost impossible to explain. Because it’s an experiential process. We each have to experience it to gain our own understanding and witness the inner shift it provides, in showing new insights and perspectives.

No amount of photos or explanations can have the same effect as an experience.

I will be having some of the constellations videoed with full consent.

The two dates for Family Constellation workshops are

Sunday 19 March 2023 9-5 pm Manly-Brisbane, NSW Australia

Details of workshops HERE

Saturday/Sunday 29-30 April 9-5 pm CBD-Sydney, NSW Australia

In these workshops you may choose to come to do your own constellation for a higher fee or come for a lower fee as a representative or observer.

There are limited spaces so be quick to BOOK NOW