Family Constellations Sydney Family Constellations workshop this weekend in Sydney. 29-30 April Castlereagh St CBD

It’s been a long time since we have held a workshop in Sydney, November 2019.

What can you expect from a workshop?

Many workshops are a one price event only. Many people come for a lower price and only a few are lucky enough to be chosen to do their constellation. This is the most common model and is good for business in allowing many more people access to workshops and spreading the word. However, I know from what people tell me that many go away very disappointed because they had something that they really wanted to work on in a constellation. I occasionally use this model as it a lower priced option for all.

Since we started in 2005 we decided to have a two tier system of booking. Those who wanted to guarantee that they will do their constellation in the workshop and those who prefer to come as observers or to be observers and representatives in the constellations.
29-30 April is a two tier workshop where those having their own constellation pay a higher price.

This is a powerful way of looking at an issue through the systemic lens. Putting out your issue using representatives to see what emerges. Allowing you to watch the process for the most part, in seeing yourself being represented and those involved in the issue from a different perspective. This is a highly experiential and somatic way to resolve the tensions in the system around your particular issue, causing shifts throughout the process to the final outcome.

Coming as a representative is also very powerful. Standing in the place of someone you don’t know, in a different family system, as the same or different gender, or a totally different age or mind set, is an interesting experience that helps to open your own perspectives and awareness. In addition, because we are all human and born into family systems or tribes where connection and love are paramount to our survival, it’s good to acknowledge not only differences, but also our sameness in basic human emotion and needs. One woman told me that she has only ever come to represent as each time she has she has found her own person questions answered in the process.

Coming as an observer may assist in helping you to understand the process in raising understanding and awareness of an alternative way of working with the human dilemmas that we all face. The patterns we are all born into, in being the present product as modern man or woman, from a long line of ancestors rich with triumphs, love and resilience and also shocks, injustice and trauma.

The Family Constellation process is an alternative or compliment to counselling or coaching. One that is brief, experiential, solution-focused, energetic and kinaesthetic.

You will find that standing in as a representative, an invisible field forms where bodily sensations may occur that become the impulse for expression or movement in the process. My job as the facilitator is to guide the process for the client and in making it safe and productive for all.

Family Constellations are becoming a little more known in Australia now which is gratifying, but we are very much lagging behind many countries of the world, where facilitators are numerous throughout the community. An integral part of the social discourse and health systems. Constellations are seen as a viable complement or alternative to resolve underlying issues of mental or physical illness. Constellations also in the judicial systems, particularly in family law. eg Sami Storch in Brazil

Family Constellations are very popular in Europe Germany, Spain and Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries such as many countries of South America, Mexico, Italy, Austria, USA and many other counties as well

This is my vision for us in Australia and why I am training facilitators to make this process so much more accessible to all. See Generations

Perhaps with such a development many of us can sort out problems as they arise and the problems we have are largely resolved or normalised rather than medically labelled often for life.

My name is Yildiz Sethi, a Pracademic focusing on Mind Science in practice, a Family constellation facilitator and trainer and innovator of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing and Trauma and sexual abuse recovery informed knowledge and processing.

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