Family Constellations working on many levels for deep healing.

Family Constellations FAQs

Family Constellations works on many levels simultaneously. Shifts during a Family Constellation often take place on many levels simultaneously. 

  • Intellectually – Often what people think is the issue turns out to be something else.
  • Physically – Issues may be felt physically or somatically through representatives.
  • Emotionally – Issues may be felt emotionally through representatives.
  • Soul – Some would say there is a movement of the soul.
  • Visual – The visual aspects of the movements and shifts may be appreciated.
  • Unconscious – Normally invisible patterns may be seen and felt.
  • Bodily – The representatives and the client may experience bodily sensations and shifts.
  • Personal – Spirit can find an alignment or a new place with the family or ancestral spirit.
  • Systemic Consciousness – That crosses generations