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After a rather bleak nearly two years with little in the way of workshops in Family Constellations, I am venturing out and putting them on again.

Welcome back anyone who has taken part before and a big welcome to those who are new and curious and would like to experience Family Constellations. You may have heard that the Family Constellation process is hard if not impossible to explain as it is highly experiential.

I normally have workshops with two price ranges but have decided to trial one flat price for all and do up to six constellations with the group on the day. This will give everyone an experience, knowing that simply representing can have healing effects on representatives as well as the client because we are all so connected and often we picked for a role for a reason.

In looking at an issue, relationship, pattern, feeling, behaviour or trauma including sexual abuse the knowing field formed appears to connect with other realms and new information arrives to give new perspectives for the client who has presented their issue or problem. This knowing or information and the skill of the facilitator in holding the space and guiding the process can be profound the person concerned in letting go and moving on with more freedom into their own lives. This is perfect for self-esteem or your sense of worth,  relationships, family, parenting, separation, divorce, blended family, spiritual divorce, dealing with ‘difficult’ people in your life, work, business, success, sabotage patterns, personal development and spiritual development.

If you cant or prefer not to take your problem or issue to a workshop you may book a private session with me in person or online.

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