9 day intensive Family Constellation training 2-10 January 2016, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Its never too late to have a happy childhood” Milton Errickson

Even though there is no doubt that some of us have a much tougher life or destiny than others, in that we may be born into difficult situations or dynamics, it is how we make meaning of it that forms how we move on in life.

There are many things that keep us stuck.
Trauma is often a major contributor in keeping people stuck in the past.
Systemic entanglements of the family system are strong forces.
Poor or insecure attachments between mother/father and child can be significant in making us feel disconnected or unloved.

It has been thought up to recently that such things cannot be changed.

What if it was possible in our unconscious mind and family system, to put events, relationships or situation into a better order? In this way we may be able to experience them differently. Perhaps gain a new perspective that we had not been aware of before that changes how we view a situation and ourselves?

What if we were able to stop carrying burdens for others in terms of guilt, shame, sadness or anger?

What if we were able to release, express or transform our emotional state or trauma?

This is all possible in Family Constellations which is why it is such a powerful therapeutic approach going much deeper than counselling and standard hypnotherapy processes.

I am offering a unique 9 day intensive Family Constellation training 2-10 January 2016 Brisbane.

This is suitable for therapists of many descriptions as well as counsellors, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists.

As our family system is pivotal in how we relate in the present, this course will greatly enhance your skills as a therapist in providing you with skills and a compassionate approach to helping people move on effectively.

The training is largely experiential and involves significant personal and professional development in one package. Each person is able to have their own constellations done as part of the training. This becomes useful experiential learning and also a way of resolving entanglements and ‘blind spots’ in the participants of the training which is invaluable in the therapeutic setting.

Unique because this is 3 modules, Family of Origin, Present family and private sessions all in one 9 day training. This is ideal for those with time to do this at this time of the year or those who are travelling interstate.

For Details of Family Constellation Training and bookings +61 7 3161 6171 mob 0412  172 300



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