Family Constellations is a unique way of resolving issues of relationships, prosperity, worthiness and wellness. This occurs on many levels of mind, body and soul in a brief, experiential and solution-focused process in groups or private sessions.

There is no doubt the art and practice of the Family Constellation process looks easy, particularly with a highly skilled practitioner. This is why it was thought (by the founder Bert Hellinger) in the 1990’s that it could be ‘taught’ through osmosis by simply turning up to workshops. Since then he has revised this and runs a Constellation training institute

The former trend produced many people who claimed to be Family Constellation practitioners.

The problem with this was that a small amount of knowledge of such a deep psychotherapeutic process can be dangerous in unskilled hands. It is relatively easy to open up a constellation field, but requires great skill and presence to facilitate a pathway to a healing impulse.

Since around 2004 there was a shift in this trend when wise practitioners began to offer structured, experiential training as a duty of care to the public in providing safe and competent Family Constellations practitioners. The time of claiming training through public workshops was over.

Since then more structured Family Constellations training has become increasingly standard practice.

I know that competent facilitators have Family Constellations theory and practice etched very deeply into their being. It is from this place they hold a space for a constellation to open open-up and evolve. This level of proficiency requires good training, experience and professional and personal development.

I was extremely grateful and fortunate to have received high quality initial Family Constellations training with Svagito Leibermeister. This provided a nourishing and structured base of personal and professional development from which to grow. Since then I have done many valuable trainings all over the world including the Hellinger institute.

From this I know that the key to good quality Family Constellation training is the knowledge that personal development is just as important as professional development. This means that training is not simply academic but also experiential, involving the heart.

This is important, as resolving personal issues and being comfortable with our own family of origin is a prerequisite to helping others with theirs as a facilitator. This enables more authenticity and deeper, more sensitive facilitation.

As a Family Constellation facilitator, trainer and supervisor I offer comprehensive and structured training.

I am aware that my reputation as a Family Constellation trainer depends on the proficiency of my trainees with their clients. The value of training is measured in the quality and depth of the content and its delivery as well as the experience of the Constellations process and the maturity, experience and proficiency of the trainer.

I envision a time when the training of the helping professions medical, mental health and personal development include emotional intelligence and inner growth alongside academic ability in forming well-balanced practitioners for the benefit of all.

I visualise a time when the philosophy of Family Constellations is well known

and an integral part of the way we think, view and interact with each other making the world a better place. Details