If you are delighted by what you have learned and experienced in learning Family Constellations, you willbe triple thrilled to learn and experience Emotional Mind Integration.

Family Constellations takes a short cut to the core of a systemic problem and provides ways of guiding reslutions for self healing of the generational side of the issue gently and efficiently.

Emotional Mind Integration takes a short cut to the core of a personal problem trigger or trauma and provides its own ways of resourcing and guiding solutions through healing pathways for self healing and integration with love of the personal side of the issue gently and efficiently.

See the article Two Subconscious minds HERE

If you are new to this work take advantage a discount package for both.

Holistic Family Constellations therapy

The Family Constellation Empowerment Package for psychotherapists is:

Adding Emotional Mind Integration to your Family Constellations training for a complete and holistic approach.

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Rapid Core Healing Triple Mastery

That includes PTIT (Practical Trauma Informed Treatment) on each level FC, EMI and RCH for a complete wholistic, self healing, clearing and letting go. The courses are:

  • Family Constellations Level 1
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Healing