Family Constellation process appropriateness?

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Family Constellations process appropiateness

This process is most appropriate when you are absolutely ready for change in those issues that appear to be systemic in nature.

Many people who come to Family Constellations or Business Constellations have already tried many other methods to resolve their problems. However the issue is often not a personal one, but part of the family system. It is often a pattern or entanglement coming from the family of origin, therefore therapies, personal development or coaching that do not work with a systemic approach may be missing the mark.

The mind consists of conscious and unconscious elements with the conscious mind being 10-20% and the unconscious component consisting of approximately 80-90%. In reality most of us can sort out our conscious feelings and thoughts through reflection and discussion. However most of our fears and hidden beliefs are located in the unconscious mind or trapped in the body itself.

How can you achieve a wonderful goal if at your core you don’t believe that you are worthy of it?

Family Constellations process appropriateness is dependent on your issue and if you ready to do something about it. It is like a smoker who doesn’t want to stop smoking – he will not be committed and will fail. Same with Family Constellations – you want to and need to want to resolve the issue.

Family Constellations
Counselling and Psychotherapy do indeed have value in helping sort out problems and in helping us find meaning and purpose in life and resolving personal issues. However, for those of you who have already been down the counselling path, who still have unresolved issues, or for those of you that don’t want to expose your most intimate feelings and thoughts in therapy, then perhaps you should consider Family Constellations workshops or private sessions.

See Rapid Core Healing my latest sister sitefor more detail about this dual approach to inner growth. The dual approach of Rapid Core healing created by Yildiz Sethi consists of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for a truly wholistic approach for healing growth and personal development. For more details see her book Rapid Core Healing.