Family Constellations is Epigenetic medicine.

Neuroscience and Epigentics say that our genes are not hard wired, They are switch don or off by inner or outer environment factors such a thought, feelings, life style and diet. This means that we have much more personal control and power than we thought previously thought.

It has been found through neuroscience and Epigenetics that DNA may be switched on or off by many signals, so that the state of mind or feeling and lifestyle choices and diet has an effect on which DNA is switched on or off and therefore may be influenced by many lifestyle choices.

This is ground breaking news for psychology, psychotherapy and many alternative therapies such as acupuncture, emotionally focused work or art therapies including any process or activity that can help to change or improve mindset or how people feel about themselves. The mind is much more than the brain, as it includes feelings, beliefs, mindset, memories and knowledge or wisdom and how we feel about ourselves and how we view the world.

This is great news for family Constellations that help you connect more healthily with your family system and change yru perspective to one that is more life supporting and optimistic.

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