Family Constellations in a nutshell Yildiz Sethi

Family Constellations is a powerful, phenomenological, experiential modality that provides pathways out of disturbances, burdens, patterns and trauma inherited through the family system. The founder of Family Constellations is the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.

The process facilitates a healthier reconnection to the love therein so as to nurture a sense of worthiness. Worthiness is at the core of self-esteem, the potential for happiness and success. The Family Constellation process may take place in workshops or private sessions.

The Family Constellations process locates the roots of human emotional and psychological disturbances that come from the family system that may be experienced through what is known in constellation arenas as the Knowing field. It is a complete psychotherapy modality with its own philosophy, theory and practice for the resolution of a wide range of systemic (generational related) issues and trauma. 

Human beings carry at least two strands of potential disturbances that can hold them back from being the people they can be. These have their roots in either the family system, or personal life choices and experiences, or both. Each required a specialised approach to enable accurate and effective treatment.

The problem is that conventional counselling, psychotherapy and coaching, attempt to solve more stubborn, destructive or uncomfortable thoughts, feelings or behaviours with logic or behavioural strategies when they often have their roots in generational patterns or the unconscious mind. This means that thinking it through, or applying strategies to a problem with its roots locked in fear or trauma cannot provide an effectively lasting solution if the chosen approaches are not equipped to deal with them at the appropriate level or manner. 

The good news is the generational mind is not only the source of problems, but also a treasure trove of wisdom, creativity, innovation and possibilities as each of us are the result of all that has gone before us. This means we each have access to a rich pool of possible resources. When these are elicited they can allow you to find your best solutions and result in a deep understanding of yourself and others. From this place new perspectives can materialise from which to move forward with more confidence with the potential for more freedom, joy and better relationships. 

Family Constellations is a systemic modality that can reach into the deeper realms of consciousness to assist people to let go of systemic emotional baggage and patterns in a brief and experiential way through workshops or private sessions.

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