Family Constellations demonstrates that we are all connected

Family Constellations FAQs

Through the Knowing field in a Family Constellation, the connection of each member of the system is felt and with that, their natural healthy order. Bert Hellinger the originator of Family Constellations, revealed to the public at large through Family Constellations that there is a Natural Order within family systems and also within generations, that if acknowledged, allows love to flow in a healthy way to all concerned. This basic “Knowing” is generally accepted in tribal systems and cultures that are still in touch with their tribal roots that has often been lost in modern cultures and involves a deep knowing of natural order, that ensures a place for each member of the group, that results in health and survival for the system.

We are connected in more ways than one.

The Family Constellation view, is that each person has a soul or life force while also being part of the collective soul or life force of the family group.

This means that each member within a family group has an effect on other in the group, via the genetic trail and relational bonds by which we are linked. This is being verified by epigenetics studies.

If people of a former generation were not able to process with a tragic or traumatic event, this may be felt as a disturbance in the family system and may be felt by those in the present.

Consider all of the drops of water in a pond as individual souls in a family network. When a ripple flows through the pond it flows through to each drop. In a family system, if all of the members are acknowledged in their rightful place and take full responsibility for their decisions and actions in life, then love will be able to flow freely throughout the system and the later generations will feel loved and connected and free.