Family Constellations – A Fresh Approach to Psychotherapy.

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“Talk therapies are too slow and often ineffective at helping people with deeper fears, anxieties and family and relationship patterns,” said Yildiz Sethi, Systemic Psychotherapist.

She says,“While Counselling and CBT can be helpful in debriefing, grief and loss, improving communication and raising self-esteem, particularly through the therapeutic relationship, its effectiveness is limited for deeper issues.”

“This is because the deeper issues are unconscious and may involve trauma and systemic entanglements such as:

  1. Personal trauma from shocking events.
  2. Family or systemic trauma that is still present in the family system.
  3. Entanglements, dysfunctions and loyalties in the family system.
  4. Exclusions, disconnections, rejection, neglect, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.”

“Systemic Family Constellations acknowledges the fact that human beings are both individual and social in nature. This means that relationships with significant others especially the family system has a big impact on how we experience ourselves.”

“Systemic Family Constellations is a brief, experiential, solution-focused methodology that shows the underlying issues rapidly.”

“This is done in groups of people with a facilitator, where the issue of the person is shown using representatives from the group, that are spatially arranged from each other by the client. This forms the constellation that shows the underlying dynamics of the persons situation.”

“The Constellation comes to a resolution by the natural movement of the representatives in the constellations and guidance of the facilitator.

This done by;

  • acknowledging reality
  • in assisting the release of emotions,
  • restoring healthy order into the system,
  • encouraging each person in the system to take full responsibility for themselves.”

“The experiences shifts and changes take place through;

  • the rearrangements of the relational bonds of the system.
  • Vision- seeing
  • Auditory- hearing
  • Kinesthetic- body sensation
  • Emotional- feeling”

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About Yildiz Sethi:

Yildiz Sethi is a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Family Constellations facilitator. Master of Applied Social Science (Counselling) Grad Dip Couns. Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy. Training in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger. Former educator (ACAP) Australian College of Applied Psychology. Author of 2 personal development books number 1 best sellers Amazon.

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