Family Constellations – A Fresh Approach to Psychotherapy Yildiz Sethi

There is no doubt that counselling is of great value to many clients in providing a safe and confidential space in which to share, debrief, sort out ideas and feelings and choices. Counselling is perfect for many issues including grief and loss, improving self-esteem and communication. However, because talk therapy normally operates at the level of the conscious mind, it is not so effective for deeper issues that lie in the unconscious or systemic levels. In terms of counselling or psychotherapy generally the therapeutic process is often extended to weeks, months or years. Many people are not prepared for the time and expense of long therapeutic processes. The effectiveness of counselling is limited for deeper issues. Issues that have become buried in the deeper layers of consciousness such as fears, anxieties and family and relationship patterns require a different approach for more efficient and effective resolutions.

This is because the deeper issues are unconscious and may involve trauma and systemic entanglements such as:

  1. Personal trauma from shocking events such as accidents or war or persecution.
    2. Family or systemic trauma that is still present in the family system such as tragic deaths or any event that caused shame or guilt or exclusion.
    3. Entanglements, dysfunctions and loyalties in the family system due to tragedy, confusion and disorder in the family system.
    4. Exclusions, disconnections, rejection, neglect, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. All of these situations cause deep wounding to those involved that can stay with them for life and effect how they feel about themselves and connect with others.

It is for this reason that I am a Family Constellations facilitator as the philosophy and practice of Systemic Family Constellations acknowledges the fact that human beings are both individual and social in nature. This means that relationships

with significant others especially the family system has a big impact on how we experience ourselves. This was recognized by John Bowlby’s Attachment theory. Systemic Family Constellations is a brief, experiential, solution-focused methodology that shows the underlying issues rapidly and assists in helping the person concerned create a newer and healthier perspective from which to view themselves and their life.

This is done in groups of people with a facilitator, where the issue of the person is shown using representatives from the group, that are spatially arranged from each other by the client. This forms the constellation that shows the underlying dynamics of the persons situation.

The Constellation comes to a resolution by the natural movement of the representatives in the constellations and guidance of the facilitator. This is done by;
• acknowledging reality

  • in assisting the release of emotions,
    • restoring healthy order into the system,
    • encouraging each person in the system to take full responsibility for themselves.

The experience creates shifts and changes take place through;

  • The rearrangements of the relational bonds of the system.
  • Vision- seeing
  • Auditory- hearing
  • Kinaesthetic- body sensation
  • Emotional- feeling.

I believe that the ability of this process to address so many levels of human experience in one therapeutic process is part of its power. The vision and movement and the release of emotions as words are said or expressed provide grounding for newer perspectives to be established.

Traditionally Family Constellations takes place in groups or workshops but methodologies have been developed for private sessions that are commonly used in private practice. In the Family Constellation training that is available with us, participants learn three methods for conducting private sessions effectively.

Personal and professional development.
The training is designed for people who work with people. Counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, social-workers, natural therapist. If you do not fall into any of these categories and are interested in this training please contact us so that we can discuss your suitability for this course.
The nature of the course is such that you will be able to experience your own constellations as part of the personal clearing and growth, as well as learning process. It is important to be aware and to clear as many of your own entanglements and blind spots as possible in order to facilitate others and not be triggered by your own systemic entanglements.

For more details of the course see
Family Constellation training is available in Brisbane Australia
5-13 Jan 2018 with Yildiz Sethi. Details 0412 172 300

About Yildiz Sethi:

Yildiz Sethi is a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellation facilitator and trainer, Vedic astrologer, innovator and author living in Brisbane Australia.

Master of Applied Social Science (Counselling) Grad Dip Couns. Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy. Training in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger. Former educator (ACAP) Australian College of Applied Psychology. Author of 2 personal development number best seller books Amazon and one psychotherapy book.

All of her books include Family Constellations

Latest book (2016)

Rapid Core Healing Pathways: to Growth and Emotional Healing Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration: For personal and systemic health is available for purchase from Amazon and


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