Family Constellations

For those of you that have experienced the power of the Family Constellation process in doing your own constellation or being a representative, you know the value of the process.

It is a healing and often a life changing process.

If you would like to help others in a powerful and respectful way in improving their life experience then this is a great opportunity for you to become a facilitator. 

A facilitator of Family Constellations is a facilitator of change. Doesn’t the world need this now?

For myself it is the most rewarding work I believe I could do. I am highly blessed in coming across Family Constellations with Svagito Leibermeister 2005 and later with Bert Hellinger himself in an Austrian training. I have been fortunate in meeting and receiving training from many world Family Constellation trainers and am happy to share this with you in Australia.

I have been holding Family Constellations workshops regularly (monthly since 2005. I started in Sydney and now hold workshops in Sydney and Brisbane.

Benefits of doing the training with us at Family Constellations P/L.

Benefits to you training with us:

  • A complete psychotherapeutic training in 13 days. 9 days of experiential training, with notes, teaching time and practice.
  • Experiential. There are many things that are best learned by experience, especially matters of the heart or soul. The training is designed with this in mind.
  • Practical. You will learn how to set up and proceed through the constellation process.
  • You will receive training of how to run Groups and private sessions in 3 formats.
  • Solution focused. You will be trained to facilitate the client or the system in allowing their best solution to arise through the process.
  • You will be encouraged to find ways in which you can use the philosophy and practice in your work.
  • Family Constellations is a brief therapeutic approach that can stand alone or be part of a therapeutic process.
  • Personal Development. The course provides a great deal of personal development in that you will be encouraged to do your own constellations.
  • Yildiz is a highly experienced facilitator and trainer and a counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist and has been an educator at ACAP the Australian College of Applied Psychology for 10 years in Brisbane and Sydney.
  • You will learn to be a facilitator of workshops and private sessions in one course.
  • You will be able to join the growing numbers of Family Constellation therapists on.
  • You can use it straight away after the training.
  • See the wide range of issues it can be used for