Family & Business Constellations Training

Level 1 Foundation Course

This is primarily training and also personal development. Each trainee may expect to expereince one personal group constellation on either their family of origin or present situation.

Module 1 Original Family

In this module trainees are involved in an experiential learning of a wide range of invisible family dynamics, entanglements and loyalties that we carry from our family system and former generations. These invisible dynamics are shown through the constellation process. Trainees learn the skills of facilitation in looking at a wide range of family dynamics including adoption, fostering and sexual abuse including incest in how to find a better place for the client.

Module 2 Present Family
In this module trainees learn mainly through experiential learning about the dynamics in relationships, family, parenting, separation and divorce, and blended families.

Module 3 Private Sessions
Putting it all together in three variations of private sessions. Trainees learn to hold private sessions through practice.

After the Foundation course you may proceed to level 2 deepening or the Advanced Business or Wellness and Dis- Ease Constellations or both.

On completion of the Foundation course you may take on Indemnity insurance and complete a short online course for those who are not alreqady registered therapists, to assist you in compliance with COAG requirements, in building a private practice. You may be included on my website in the list Trained by Us.

You may start working with constellations and do further optional training to gain more experience and skills.

Level 2 Deepening – Advanced Constellations

The prerequisite for doing that level is completion of level 1 with us.

When you come back to do level Two, this take splace within the level 1 Foundation. This is because in going through the course again you approach it from a different place from where you entered in level One. You are able to go to deeper levels of the course material and experiences and take it in, in a deeper way. Thereby deepening your knowledge, experience and intuitive awareness.

In this level you repeat the Foundation course for a highly reduced cost to deepen your experience. Level One trainees are the focus for personal constellations in training.

In this training the level one trainees have priotity for personal constellations although you may expereince personal constellations in the practice sessions in module 3.
This is a 12 day course.

Level 3 Master

Whne you have completed Level 1 – Foundation and Level 2 – Deepening you may do Advanced Level 3 Master – Business or Wellness & Dis-Ease Constellations

Business constellations 
Success in career or business is driven fundamentally by self-worth and what we carry from and with our family system. Coaching and determination are often not enough to break through the systemic patterns and sabotage that holds us back. Business constellations training gives you the fundamental understanding of the dynamics that need to be addressed for career and success. This an experiential training where you are encouraged to look at your own situation as part of your preparation in facilitating others. Perfect for coaching, personal development.

Wellness and dis—ease Constellations
Wellness is complex. It can be physical and hard wired by inherited DNA but epigenetic research is showing that the switching on and off of DNA is frequently driven by personal and systemic trauma and the loads and loyalties that people carry.  These may be disturbed emotions ,burdens, beliefs and loyalties we carry from and with our family system. Constellations aimed at wellness and dis-ease are designed to locate the underlying systemic dynamics underpinning health conditions and find resolution. This may allow the body and mind access to the  life force required for recovery along with what people are doing with their medical practitioners. We must remember that all healing is self-healing and we have to honour the soul purpose as part of our objective here.