Exclusion is a situation that leaves a person feeling rejected and cut out

This is a common theme in many family systems where someone is excluded for a wide possible range of reasons. This is often rooted in a pattern of exclusion going back through the family system to a point at which it started. Perhaps due to a situation that caused shame, such as an affair, a child born out of wedlock, incest, bankruptcy, secrets. Or cultural or religious differences. The possibilities are endless.

If this cannot be rectified, digested or resolved by those who excluded or were excluded in the original cases, it may be felt by the descendants of that family and exclusion continues blindly and unconsciously in the family system.

It may seem hard to believe that such patterns can be so strongly felt and passed down through generations. A constellation process can show how it operates in each particular case, as each family or person is unique.

If this happens to be a theme your aware of in your own life, you may also experience it spreading into your work life or social life as well.

Constellation work may allow the problems patterns such as exclusion to appear and the tensions in the system to start the process of dissipating, so that the person in the present may become free of the pattern. This is highly beneficial for the person concerned and also for their own family or children as well

Looking at the pain and discomfort of exclusion through a Family Constellation is a releasing and informative process that allows you the possibility of moving on with more freedom and empowerment. The process provides you ways to let go of the burdens your carry for and with your family system and connect to the larger system of which you are very much part of in embracing and making the most of your life.

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