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  • Two price Family Constellations workshop
    May 28, 2022
    8:45 am - 5:00 pm
Family Constellations workshop

International online Family Constellations workshop with Yildiz Sethi

Welcome to Family Constellations workshops with Yildiz on Saturday 28 May 2022 8.45 for a 9 am start – 5 pm Queensland Australia time-zone.

If you are not in Australia you may compare times HERE

I look forward to meeting you for a day of connecting, healing and clearing.

Experience the Family Constellation process

In this workshop you may opt to be put into the hat for a constellation if you wish. While you may be lucky, there are no guarantees that you will be chosen. However, the workshop is for everyone as we are all part of Family Systems and we may be deeply touched by being part of or witnessing a constellation held for someone in the group.
Private sessions are also available for those of you who would like to be assured of experiencing your own constellation.

Being a representative
Many people believe that if you are not doing your own constellation in Family Constellations workshop there is no point attending.
Here is some of the feedback I’ve received about representing.

“I’ve never had my constellation done in your workshop, but every time I’ve come I’ve been picked for a role that gives me insight into my own life. I’ve had shifts and such a new view of the people in my life. It has been profound. It’s shown me how we all are connected.” Julianne.

“Every time I come to your workshop, the person that I’m picked to represent, even if its challenging, helps me so much to open my view. To feel the way they feel even for a short time is so enlightening. It helps me to be more compassionate and accepting of others. The last time I was picked as a mother. This helped me so much to understand where my mother is coming from. Such a gift.” Jenny

“Before this workshop I really wasn’t sure that I could be a representative. I was worried that perhaps I wouldn’t feel anything or that standing in someone’s role might feel weird. I’m so glad you take us out of our roles and amazed at what I felt in the role. I understand now why it’s so hard to explain. It really does have to be experienced”.

So if you’ve never experienced constellations before and are curious, feel free to book in.
Also if you’ve considered doing Family Constellation training and are not sure if its right for you, this is a great opportunity to check me out and experience constellations first hand.

Conditions for the online workshop
Be in a quiet, private room where you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off.
We will have a break between constellations and a lunch break.
Download Zoom from zoom.usYou will need to use a laptop/full computer screen.
A phone or tablet will not allow you to see the full picture. This is necessary if you want to be a representative or wish to have the opportunity of doing your own constellation.
Place your screen preferably with light behind the screen. If you are facing a window you are likely not to be visible to the group.
You may check this out prior to the time to find the best placement.

Commitment to the workshop participants
As this is very much a collective group participation of giving and taking please commit your time to the day out of respect for the group.

If you would like to do your own constellation you will be added to a box and names taken out each time. If you are chosen you will have the opportunity to do a constellation. You may take part through the rest of the day as an observer or representative throughout.
If you choose not to put your name forward for a constellation you may observe or experience the process by being chosen to be a representative throughout the day.

While being a representative is valuable for the client it is also really valuable to you in being able to experience how it is to be a mother, father, daughter, son etc. These experience often touch our own lives in giving insight and more awareness of ourselves and others, so is extremely valuable.