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  • Family Constellations workshop
     September 30, 2023
     8:45 am - 5:00 pm
Family Constellations Workshop Australia

Yildiz Sethi
Family Constellations

Welcome to Family Constellations workshop with Yildiz on 30 September Tamborine Mountain (Gold Coast) Qld 4272

Address- Vonda Youngman Community Centre
2-4 Knoll Rd, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272

For relationships, patterns, wellness or success and generational trauma

I look forward to meeting you for a time devoted to connecting, healing and clearing.

In this workshop you may choose to come to observe or be a representative or you may choose to do your own constellation.
If you choose to do a constellation, this is guaranteed in the workshop.

To do your own Constellation you will pay a higher price and be assured that you will be able to do your own constellation. There are only a few place for this so be quick to book your place.

To be a representative you will pay the smaller price

Choose to come as a representative/observer OR to do your own constellation.


We start at 8 45 for a 9 am start-5 pm. Come in comfortable layered clothing and please wear socks as we don’t wear socks in the workshop. We will supply water, hot tea/herb tea and coffee. Please bring your own lunch or buy from local shops. Your commitment to the whole day is required in this workshop

Being a representative
Many people believe that if you are not doing your own constellation in Family Constellations workshop there is no point attending.
Here is some of the feedback I’ve received about representing.

“I’ve never had my constellation done in your workshop, but every time I’ve come I’ve been picked for a role that gives me insight into my own life. I’ve had shifts and such a new view of the people in my life. It has been profound. It’s shown me how we all are connected.” Julianne.

“Every time I come to your workshop, the person that I’m picked to represent, even if its challenging, helps me so much to open my view. To feel the way they feel even for a short time is so enlightening. It helps me to be more compassionate and accepting of others. The last time I was picked as a mother. This helped me so much to understand where my mother is coming from. Such a gift.” Jenny

“Before this workshop I really wasn’t sure that I could be a representative. I was worried that perhaps I wouldn’t feel anything or that standing in someone’s role might feel weird. I’m so glad you take us out of our roles and amazed at what I felt in the role. I understand now why it’s so hard to explain. It really does have to be experienced”.

So if you’ve never experienced constellations before and are curious, feel free to book in.
Also if you’ve considered doing Family Constellation training and are not sure if its right for you, this is a great opportunity to check me out and experience constellations first hand.