Generational Trauma

There is no doubt that in giving way to the energy of a constellation and what it has to show, is humbling and gratifying for both the client and the facilitator. In a workshop, representatives (in person or online) stand in the place of another, that they normally don’t know, have never met before. In that role, they feel the essence of the real person and somehow feel the nuances of their connections with their significant others around them. In this way this sensing also extends through to those who came before them. Reaching into the resilience and love and also the sorrows and tragedies of forefathers and mothers and people the client may have never met. The Constellation process providing us with a way to expose the subconscious dynamics that bind us. While at the same time opening the opportunities and avenues to respectfully unload, disentangle and come out of ‘blind love’ (illusion) and stand clearer as yourself. A great gift for those who take part.

At the time I encountered Family Constellations in 2005, this was largely considered part of the ‘woo woo realms’. Often, even talking about such experiences would reduce my credibility as an intelligent or educated person or my perceived standing as a psychotherapist in the profession, to those who had never experienced it.

There was a lot we didn’t know or couldn’t explain that appeared to be unfathomable and yet people continued to have powerful and enlightening experiences and grew significantly through the process, resulting in changes.

From the early days of Family Constellations William Sheldrake, a scientist in the UK, engaged in Developmental Biology became interested in the energy fields that form in living things and spaces that he called Morphic Fields. He came up with findings that did not fit with the scientific norms of the time and was largely vilified and ridiculed for his research.

Through his continued diligence and focus and immense contribution in this area, he and his work is now being recognised by significant scientific fields, for his contribution in this new branch of science. Details.

Recently the science of epigenetic has emerged. A science that researches how energies and disturbances are transferred through generations of living systems and are capable of influencing DNA. Epigenetic science and research continues to unfold.

In Constellation fields, this is also welcome news, in that it is verified that we can and do carry energies from former generations that can impact us in the present. What is most exciting about this is the finding that if we can reduce or improve the environment around DNA of stress or disturbances, it is possible to turn DNA on or off. This has huge implications for our health and for modalities like Family Constellations that can assist in the release of systemic generational disturbances and trauma.

In the early 2000’s in the Constellation field Albrecht Mahr a psychotherapist and facilitator named the fields experienced in Family constellations, the Knowing Field. His experience had shown him the unfathomable knowing and wisdom that frequently unfolds during a constellation process. A knowing that strikes a truth or deeper healing for a client in their system and also for the participants in the group.

In a Family Constellation workshop a group of people attend with a facilitator, where people take turns to look at an issue. They choose someone to represent themselves and each of the people involved in their problem and then the client sits out and observes.

If you attended a Family Constellations workshop as a representative, you would be standing in for one of the key people of a client’s issue e.g. the Client or Mother, Father, Daughter, Boss etc.

While this is in service of the client and their system, it is also frequently a beneficial experience for you too. An experience where you can go into another realm and frequently find some awareness or emotional shift for yourself and understand the connection of human beings to each other through the role. In particular you may notice how similar we all are. The human experiences of looking for love and connection, when often the experience is, not being seen or heard, in often highly dysfunctional family systems.

If you are the client having a constellation in a workshop you will be able to view yourself and your family system and take it in  visually- spatially, auditorily, kinaesthetically, emotionally and intellectually. See the dynamics and entanglements and the movement in the constellation and arrive at a different place relationally and with new perspectives.

Is it possible to get excellent psychotherapeutic results ONLINE?

In terms of energy we are still have a lot to learn. Interestingly, I have been on my own recent discovery around energy and my work in Family constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing. A lot of my private practice, workshops and trainings were in-person prior to 2020. I had a belief that I know is common, that ‘in person’ is the best way to work. During the dilemma of Covid, when much stopped due to lockdown, I decided to go into online completely and found that energy fields have no restrictions. The scientists would agree.

Since 20020 I have held Family Constellation workshops, private sessions and trainings fully online. While I do agree it’s wonderful to meet people face to face, the effectiveness of the experiential processes or learnings in workshops, private session and trainings is the same. Also, you don’t have to travel to and from the venue.

I realise now, I had a limiting belief around this. Energy has no boundaries. Once we open our minds to the possibilities, we allow ourselves to receive the energies and hence the benefits.

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