Emotions and Constellations

Emotions are “The language of the Soul” Fritz Pearle Yildiz Sethi

In order to enjoy life to the full it is necessary to attend to all aspects of life. Our wellbeing depends on;

  • Bodily needs, good nutrition, exercise, good rest and peaceful sleep.
  • Belief systems and values
  • Spiritual or philosophical
  • And our Emotional health.

While all of these aspects contribute to our wellbeing I will focus today on the emotional.
Primary emotions
In an ideal world our emotions would be flowing freely from happiness, sadness, anger, fear, all flowing according to our internal states or in response to the external world. They would be felt and released or discharged easily, or trigger you into action of some sort to look after your safety or comfort. These are primary emotions and are essential for our healthy functioning. However most if not all of us, also experience emotions that are not so easy or free flowing, which can seriously interfere with our personal experiences and also our relationships.

Do thoughts cause emotions or vice versa?

Many theorists believe that difficult or stuck emotions are formed due to faulty beliefs or value systems that are not in alignment with our needs, values or goals. This is true to some extent. If I tell myself, or feel myself as, “not good enough,” then this message is sent repeatedly via the neurones and synapses of the nervous system to cell membranes and to the body cells. In this way according to Deepak Chopra’s ground- breaking research, the link between mind and body was understood. Our thoughts or feelings about ourselves manifest physically into our body as dis-ease or alternatively ease and pleasure. Mind does affect the physical. Emotions do affect the body. Frozen emotions.

However, if we look deeper than the negative thought, we have to ask where did that come from? Has this been absorbed from the energy of our family system or was it formed form a traumatic event from our former years? If coming from trauma then I

call this a “frozen emotion” from which we made meaning and to which we may still be locked into. So much so that even a smell or a tone of voice or a situation can trip you back into the fear, anxiety, sadness, anger or defensiveness coming from that time. This becomes a “button” which events and people in your life can push and usually

get a reliable reaction from you, once they know you a little. This situation may help you to believe that others are makingyou angry or sad or anything else, because the strength of the frozen emotion-response is so strong, as to appear as if it is not in your control at all! So when some wise and well meaning person says things like “you are 100% responsible for your feelings and actions”, you might wonder how it can be true, if you feel so out of control with your emotional state and at the mercy of events or those around you. Alternatively events or trauma may have cut off from emotions a long time ago and left you feeling nothing. Although safe from pain you are also cut off from joy and happiness.

Secondary emotions.

If the emotion you are carrying are from your family system rather than a trauma in your life, then these emotions are called secondary emotions and belong to others or the family group, rather than to you individually. This too can be debilitating as we can often be born with a sense of sadness or rage that we don’t understand and don’t know what to do with.

Luckily there is a lot known about emotions now and how to set you free from frozen or secondary emotions permanently. There are such techniques as EFT (emotional freedom technique) which may be useful in tapping key points in order to release an emotion, however there are deeper more permanent solutions available now, where the root source of the emotional disturbance discovered and resolved so that such techniques as EFT tapping are no longer necessary. Process’s of Systemic Family Constellations in workshops and private consultations are highly effective at resolving any secondary emotions that you may be carrying from your family of origin or your ancestral line, while Hypnotherapy or NLP are very effective in helping you resolve frozen emotions from events in your life and assist you in making deep changes relatively quickly towards emotional freedom.

Remember “Emotions are the language of the soul.” Feel them they can tell you a lot. Yildiz Sethi. www.familyconstellations.com.au