Our culture encourages us to think of ourselves as individuals primarily. This is true of the modern west while other cultures continue to experience a deep connection to their lineage with an awareness of what they carry with their ancestors. From those cultures it is often possible for the people to have a deep respect and knowing of the names and the lives of their forefathers and mothers and the events that shaped their lives.

Our individual perception is a problem for us because it means we are missing a realm of experience that continues to be present in our blind spots. Behaviour, thoughts, feelings and patterns that play out in us, as if they have a life of their own that may feel foreign to us. It is not in our conscious awareness and yet it is present and wants to be seen.

There is no doubt that most of what we carry especially DNA is essential for our survival. DNA is the code of our existence and functions. However our genetic imprint is transferred through the emotional and sensual impulse of our ancestors on a deep well of love. A love that connects one generation to the next with sex, emotion and love connecting us all. From desire, attraction and sex we come into the world. Once here whether we are a surprise, wanted or inconvenient, parents largely take responsibility for their actions and do what they can to support and nurture us in the best way they can with what they have and what they know.

If we consider this we may appreciate the value of those who came before us.

Systemic disturbances occur due to tragedies, shocks, trauma and exclusions of people in our family system. Such disturbances often result in shame or simply too much to process, overwhelm and having no where to go leaves an echo in our shared DNA. The study of epigentics demonstrates this clearly. Trauma and deep emotions leave an imprint through relational bonds and seek expression in us. This comes out as behaviour patterns, feelings and thoughts and also dis- ease of many kinds.

Family Constellations is a systemic process that shows what we carry for and with our family system and this includes the blocks and unresolved disturbances from the past as well as the love at its core. This includes health issues of every kind that may seek expression in the system.

A Family Constellation can locate the echoes that are calling you, giving you the opportunity to find our more about your ancestral line and what drives and sustains you and possibly resolve systemic health issues.

We know that many illnesses have a genetic component. However, epigentics has shown that many disease genes may be turned on or off according to our choices in life style, psychological health and emotional states. We also know that the separation between mind and body is largely undefined as they are deeply interlinked. This means that anything that can relieve or resolve these imprints may make a difference to our overall health.

In Family Constellations workshops people often arrive who want to look at an illness or dis- ease that can be traced back to a shock or imprint from former generations. Simply exposing them and allowing the system to release them and find a better order can be sufficient to allow more freedom for a person in the present that promotes better health. After such a process a person may be able to continue with their medical practitioners in a more productive way with the seat of the disturbance exposed.

Through my Family Constellation experience of over twelve years I have witnessed many health changes following a constellation process. Of course we mustn’t forget that at some point we all face death and there are cases where nothing can be done, other than a constellation to assist in coming to better place of acceptance and peace.

As a facilitator and trainer I regularly hold workshops and training to facilitate inner healing, reconnection to the family system and to the bigger realms of humanity. This can nourish a sense of belonging and result in more wellbeing.

I am holding an International Family Constellations foundation training on 4-12 January 2020. Through these my intention is to provide a place where people can connect with themselves in a fuller way and reconnect to their people and the vastness of humanity.

In listening to the echo’s from the past in a process such as Family Constellations it is possible for each of us to become more whole, grounded and humble and still fulfil our potential as human beings. It also alerts us to the fact that our own lives and actions also have an imprint on future generations, both individually and collectively. Its easy to see what effects our treatment of the indigenous people of this land has had on the present generation who continue to struggle with a legacy of injustice and poor self esteem. Its probably not surprising that they suffer a higher than average rate of poor health and both the descendants of aborigines and those who benefit from their loss, (the rest of us) continue to carry burdens. Both individual and national healing is required here.

A bigger collective perspective of us all that may be gained through a constellation allows us to gain an aware of our place, not only in our families but also in our culture and in the greater sea of humanity. In this we are all the same.

I envision a future where we embrace both our individual and collective view of ourselves and listen to the echo’s from the past and what they have to reveal. In this way we can experience a healthy release of disturbances that enrich us for better health and vitality. In this vision I see uniting and healing processes such as Family Constellations as part of the fabric of societies throughout the world in being a valuable in freeing and nurturing each generation by connecting them to the flow of love of us all. In such a world there is excitement, hope and better health.

Family Constellations