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This is a question I am often asked. I reply by saying, even though I have a master of counselling and am a  clinical hypnotherapist, only psychologists can offer you  a Medicare mental health plan as part of the medical model. .

However,  I can offer you a pathway to recovery that is not available in the medical model. Most people only require 3-5 sessions for complex issues and trauma.

The GP is frequently the person people go to in seeking help with their mental health. The doctor frequently offers you a mental health plan and a referral to a psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker (these are part of the Medical Model for mental health).

This means that Medicare picks up the majority of the fee for your treatment.

So what does this mean? It may well be cheaper to go to a psychologist or social worker with a mental care plan.

If you choose a counsellor, psychotherapist or hypnotherapist in private practice, you will pay a private fee, as we are not paid for by Medicare funds or any other organisation.
Let’s explore the pros and cons of having to make a choice here.

The Mental Health model offers diagnosis and medication with Cognitive behavioural therapies primarily This is underpinned by the belief that the brain and mind generally can’t recover or heal and may only be managed. It is true that extreme cases of mental health cases may well fall into this category and require a life time of medication and management. This is a very small percentage of the whole.

Counsellors, psychotherapists and clinical hypnotherapists offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches. This is frequently underpinned by the belief that human beings are infinitely resourceful with the capacity for self-healing and growth under appropriate circumstances. This is up-held by the latest science (neuroscience and epigenetics) that recovery, healing and growth are possible for many, with appropriate therapeutic approaches for people who are ready for change.

Going to a Medical model practitioner means you are often offered a mental health diagnosis and frequently medication. This is often long term, with many sets of sessions of cognitive behavioural therapies, EMDR and Mindfulness programs.

Further, mental health diagnoses are recorded on your medical records and may be shared with insurance companies and other official bodies. This may have unforeseen consequences in later life in terms of privacy,  employment and insurance matters. Details

This is a problem for most people who suffer with such conditions as depression, anxiety and trauma related issues (the larger percentage of mental health issues in society). Because many mental health diagnoses are delivered simply on the opinion of the doctor or psychiatrist in looking at symptoms in the DSM5. There are few or no tests to clarify whether the diagnoses are valid or accurate. Details.

The DSM5 is formed by a group of psychiatrists who assess symptoms. These are frequently not upheld by scientific research or evidence. In this way new mental health conditions are added to the DSM5.

“The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is a symptomatic log manual used primarily by psychiatrists to diagnose patients with mental illness. This diagnosis becomes the basis of their management and treatment. The DSM5 is largely assumed to be supported by “evidence-based” psychological research. However, this is largely funded by the vested interests of the pharmaceutical industry, according to Gary Greenburg in The Book of Woe: The Unmaking of Psychiatry (2013).

The DSM is a manual that was developed by psychiatrists to help them assess and diagnose patients’ mental health.

However, over the years, there has been an increasing emphasis on medication combined with CBT in the medical model, that has its foundations in thinking and beliefs from over four hundred years ago. T hat once broken, a brain or mind cant recover, as stated by psychiatrist N. Doidge in The Brain that Changes Itself (2010).”

See mu book Pg 105 Rapid Core Healing (2016) Y Sethi Details of the book.

As a counsellor I can’t offer a Medicare funded mental health care plan. However, as a registered counsellor, psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist you may be able to receive a rebate from up to 15 private health funds for those who have top- private health cover, with some funds. However, even this is limited, as private health funds offer a very low level of rebate for sessions, of around $50/year in total, with a registered counsellor, psychotherapist or Clinical hypnotherapist: Regardless of whether the practitioner holds a diploma, degree, masters or PhD in mental health fields. Frequently private health funds favour rebates for Medical Model practitioners only.

I could help people get Medicare rebates if I was a psychologist and yet I am so happy to be working the way I am in my field as a psychotherapist. This gives me the freedom to choose how I work and with what modalities. This is something that those in the Medical Model don’t have as they are highly controlled in how they work. I have a freedom they don’t have.  The Medicare rebate comes at a great cost to innovation and progress of mental health therapeutic methodologies, which has become increasingly important to me and my clients. Clients who seek up to date effective results and quickly.

I enjoy the freedom to source the wide range of therapeutic philosophies and methodologies available while staying within counselling ethical and legal guidelines.

This has led to innovation. In the last few years as out my experience, knowledge and neuroscience I have been excited to have created two new modalities.

Providing more effective ways to help people in recovery and growth.

I don’t receive Medicare funding or GP referrals, but I do gain great satisfaction in witnessing healing, growth and transformations on a daily basis and constant referrals from happy customers.

I offer private sessions, Workshops and Family Constellations practitioner training 

I am the founder of  Emotional Mind Integration Rapid Core Healing