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Every one wants to connect  Be  able to be able to receive and give Love and be fulfilled.

This is the human condition. Not being able to realise these primal desires results in suffering.


The connection with self comes at least in part through the connection with significant others.

Connection with who you are is not a solitary task as we are all both individual and social in nature. Our first experience in life is of being born into family. Those early experiences have an impact and sometimes even though our parents may love us dearly, they may not have been mature or developed enough to know what we needed in order to make good connections and feel love.


Our Parents may have been going through their own situations or dilemmas at that time, which may have included the shock of becoming a parent or having to grow up and take responsibility. There are endless possibilities here.


However the important thing that neuroscience is showing is that we are not hard wired neurologically and hence emotionally. Changing perspective and seeing the bigger picture can indeed change everything and give you the opportunity to complete your connections and receive love in an appropriate way for you so that you may fulfil your life in any way you wish.

Experience the Knowing field and gain insight, knowledge and a new perspective of yourself and others.