“I can highly recommend Yildiz and family constellation as an effective and easy way to resolve past traumas in ones own life. Family constellation caters for all experience levels from first time goer to professional and the naturalness of the practice makes it a powerful tool for recovery and self actualisation.”
~ James 2019 Melbourne

” What a great expereince. I came as a representative only but it was so heartwarming and most of all safe. I will be back.” Jerry Brisbane 2019

“We met last year in the last workshop in Sydney.

You know… it was my first and only constellation so far. I just gave it a go because I was desperate and it seemed to be the only door I founded opened. I had tried to fall pregnant for almost five years before being diagnosed with deep endometriosis. After the diagnosis I went to GPs many time asking for referral letter to see a specialist and couldn’t find a single one to make an appointment with.
After the workshop I had this feeling that to be a mom is my destiny and whatever had been in my way was gone after the constellation.

Well, I met a doctor right after the constellation, he was simply passionate about my case, I had my surgery with him in December and one month after the surgery I fell pregnant 🤰🏻 💕
I’m living my biggest dream now! My husband and I, my whole family are so sooo happy!
There is no words to explain how I’m feeling!

Thank you for everything!”
~ Ana 2018 Sydney

“I have been to several workshops with Yildiz and Satish and found the skill and compassion really consistent. I am happy to continue ot come for myself adn recommend them to others. Greta work”. Jass  Melbourne

“We were about to part but found having our constellations cleared up so much that was between us. WWE are so greatful as we are building a new and better connectioan an dour precious family can remain together. Thanks!!”  Pat and jen  Brisbane

“I had a stubborm health issue that couldnt be solved by my health practitioners tradition or alternative. My constellation was profound and my symptoms have gone.  I was holding a lot from my mothers line. I am feeling so different.. Thanks”  Elaine  Brisbane

“Thanks Yildiz and Satish, for holding such a beautiful space over the weekend.

The workshop was incredibly powerful for me, with a tangible shift. I had to attend a work dinner on Sunday night and a colleague commented that I looked really different and wanted to know what had happened!

It’s such important work that you do – I tell a lot of people about it.

Go well, and see you both whenever our paths cross next.”

~ Meg 2019 Sydney

“My issue was work. The constellation was so helpful in allowing me t see my part in what was going on and laso teh dynamics of  my boss and the organisation. So helpful in that I am not taking it on anymore. I am so relieved.”  Max Sydney

“I cant recommend constations work too highly. It is so deep and gentle and so right for people who are aready ready to change and develop. It cant be explained, only expereinced.”  Melanie

“I came about relationships or lack of a relationship!! The constellation was so helpful in finishing off old ties so lovingly and also helping me sort out my connection with my parent that I feel ready now for the next relationship, but I am now going to be more discriminating too.” Mel Brisbane

“I have been to many constellations over-seas, Europe and Brazil and I am so happy to find such a highly experienced and skilled constellations therapist here. Deep and sentive work”  Zac  Sydney