This has been a big year for me. I have a dream that I am working towards in changing the face of psychotherapy and making finding really effective help for a wide range of conflicts, block, wellness and recovery of trauma more accessible to the general public. 

There are ways of working that are quick and effective and this is what I offer my clients in workshops or private sessions and I am eager to share this with others.

As a single person there is only so much I can do. For this reason my strategy has been to train as many people as possible so that we can work collectively in making effective up to date help available to more of the public. Give people a real option to the medical model of help that really make a difference and relatively quickly for most people (not including those with serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia etc).  

This year I ran Family Constellations training in Brisbane (April) and Melbourne (September)

I also ran EMI training. EMI is Emotional Mind integration that is a highly structured, concise and elegant modality that works with personal disturbances, conflicts and traumas to clear a neural pathway each session that requires 3-5 sessions for resolution of deep issues. These issues may be changing behaviour or feeling, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or blocks, sabotage patterns or recovery form sexual abuse or other trauma related issues. This is a modality that I have developed and trademarked. I developed it over many years and with many clients that is embedded in  constellation theory and includes the latest in mind science and neuroscience.

I ran Business Constellation and Wellness & Dis- Ease Advanced training courses to two groups of wonderful people. 

Finally I was really happy to run the first ever Rapid Core Healing module with those who had completed their Family Constellations and EMI training so they became Rapid Core Healing facilitators, Master RCH or Rapid Core Healing Business Practitioners. 

I have held RCH training for RCH practitioners to have the skills to work with a wide range of issues including personal and systemic components in a really effective and seamless way. 

I continue to offer Family Constellations workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and you may come as a representative or to do your own constellation. All you have to do is to book your place.

In 2020 I offer Family Constellation training in Brisbane and Sydney and EMI (Emotional Mind integration) training in Brisbane and Sydney.

For those who do both Family Constellations and EMI training I offer the final module Rapid Core Healing at the end of the year in Brisbane.

Advanced courses in Wellness and Dis- Ease, Sexual Abuse and Business Constellations trainings are also available.

For a full list of Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing trainings see

This is a big program for me but I can already see so many competent practitioners of Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and the ultimate Rapid Core Healing practitioners helping many people around Australia, which is very satisfying and keeps me charged with enthusiasm for 2019.

I look forward to meeting many more of you in 2020 and wish you a really fruitful and nurturing festive season as we roll into 2020.