family constellations advanced trainingChange with Family Constellations? We all like certainty and comfort.  Enjoy familiarity, faces, places and experiences. This gives us space to rest, reaffirm ourselves and reflect from a safe place.

And yet there comes a time when that comfort and safety goes past a tipping point for many of us. We start to wonder what else is out there in the world. Yearn for difference, excitement and adventure. This is the basis for most of us for travel. Taking a holiday. Being somewhere different, just for a couple of weeks or more. There is no doubt the experience of unfamiliar energies of new cultures, temperatures, language, foods, music and arts can be exhilarating.

While some of us yearn for such delights. we may not have the time and money to indulge ourselves in this way. We may need to pay bills, finish our studies, have commitments or are nervous or scared about getting out of our comfort-zone.

This is so for all new experiences. It does require commitment and organisation, planning and the resources to do them.

Whenever I do decide to try something new, I gain something. Surprises, experiences, new perceptions or new ideas and an opening up and returning home a little different, hopefully even wiser form the experience.

Living in Australia we are so lucky to have deserts, beautiful coastlines, forests, wildernesses as well as major cities with flavours of their own, coming out of the location and culture that has evolved into unique personalities of their own, due to their history, location and most of all the people who have lived and choose to live there.

I have recently moved to Tamborine mountain. It seemed like it was a big move. The perception is that it’s a long way from anywhere and yet it’s in the Gold coast hinterland and only about 60 minutes from Brisbane CBD. So close and yet so different. The air is fresh and vibrant, we are a couple of degrees cooler than Brisbane, but it I largely bright, sunny and green, with the energy of times bygone. A vibrant community of people like myself who are here to enjoy what it has to offer.

Family Constellations in Tamborine Mountain (hinterland of Gold Coast

I invite you to come to a Family Constellation workshop in Tamborine mountain for a day of connection, healing and clearing in this vibrant mountain air. Experience the local cafes for lunch and arrive home safely within a reasonable timeframe. Back to your familiarity and comfort, having had an uplifting experience of space and connection.

Special Offer for Family Constellations workshops

Special offer. Book into doing your own constellation or as a representative and gain a free pass for a friend as a representative. For a friend you will need to  email me their contact details so I can contact them and add them to the entry list. Please let Yildiz know so that she can add the representative to her list.

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