Business Constellations Training with Yildiz

Business Constellations Training with Yildiz – You must have completed Family Constellations level 1 prior to doing any of the advanced Family Constellations courses.

Advanced Family Constellations online courses are:

  • Level 2 Deepening Family Constellations
  • Business Constellations
  • Health Constellations
  • Systemic Couples & Relationship therapy (SCRT)
  • Created and taught by Yildiz who is an ex-teacher and was an educator at ACAP for 8 years

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Business Constellations training – Special offer to new-comers

If you are new to constellations and are interested in this advanced training you will have to complete level one Family Constellations first as this is vital foundational knowledge and skills to advanced courses.

You may buy the pre-requisite family Constellations training level 1 plus the Advanced training of your choice for a 15% discount.

Payment plans are available

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Business Constellations Training is Advanced Training.

There is a need to understand the basic dynamics that are required in the family constellation process because businesses are human systems arise out of family and human systems.

In doing a Business Constellation you may have to go into the root of the issue, which may be the family of origin, so knowledge of Family Constellations is necessary prior to Business Constellations.


Business Constellations with Yildiz

Business Constellations Training is Ideal for Coaches and Personal Development

Success in career or business is driven fundamentally by self-worth and what we carry from and with our family system. Coaching and determination are often not enough to break through the systemic patterns and sabotage that holds us back. Business constellations training gives you the fundamental understanding of the dynamics that need to be addressed for career and success. This an experiential training where you are encouraged to look at your own situation as part of your preparation in facilitating others. Perfect for coaching, personal development.

Advanced Training on Business and Organisational Constellations

Because business and organisations come out of human systems it is important for those who want to do Business Constellations to be able to deal with the human and relational issues that may come up in a Business Constellation.

In this training we cover personal blocks that may be stopping you from success and abundance.

Business and organisations dynamics.

Therefore ,Business Constellations training involves doing the:

  1. Foundation Family Constellation training
  2. Business Constellations training

Resolving personal and business blocks to success and abundance.

Business Constellation (BC) Training Online

 3 days online experiential 9.30-4.30pm


The Online Business Constellations Training

This training is a fully online experiential of 3 days.
This includes theory and practice integrated into the live teaching, constellations and exercises.
You will be provided with content notes  to support the learnings.

Become a Systemic Coach. Business Constellation (BC) Stream.

Become A Leader In Your Field:

  • Corporate
  • Management
  • Business
  • Educators
  • Coaches

If you’re already a Coach, you can add Systemic work to your Portfolio.