It is so interesting that you often don’t notice the patterns in your life until you reflect back...... For many of us this takes place in mid or later years. We notice that with all the plans to do it differently and better than our parents or other family members that we too have been caught into invisible webs of repeat.


  • Choosing partners that are unsuitable or unavailable.
  • Sabotaging our success.
  • Finding it hard to moe on after a separation.
  • Moving from abusive situations

Many people ask what is a constellation and what kind of issues can it help with.

Simple questions but I would need to write or talk for a long time to answer these questions fully so look at the you tubes or get one of my books or come to the next workshop and find out for your self..

What is Family Constellations You tube

A constellation is the inner image we have of ourselves or our situation set up with representatives.

There is no doubt that even though you are autonomous and making your way in the world that the family of origin and how you were raised and the influences from grandparents, culture and situations, have a much deeper effect than was previously thought.
So in setting up a constellation we also set up the dynamic of what you are caught up in. These re largely unconscious.

We are all caught up in dynamics even those who come from loving caring families. It is part of being human.

I believe it also the responsibility for each of us to make the most of the life we have. So any process that can honour what is valuable in you and your family system, that may also assist in giving yourself the best place possible in that and find your best solutions can only improve your sense of self, confidence, self acceptance and love.
Women and Constellations You tube 

From such a strong base only improvement can emerge in terms of all areas of your life. Personal peace, self acceptance, relationships, wellbeing, success in your life purpose and work. Hence Family Constellations and Business Constellations are are very close even though they may come with a different intention.

Family Constellations can clear self sabotage patterns to love, success and wellness.

Men and Constellations You Tube

See the upcoming workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to book your place as a representative or to do your own constellation.

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Suitable issues for Constellations

Family ConstellationTraining

Family Constellation training is a valuable training that equips you to hold family constellation groups and also do one on one private sessions.

This is a valuable, professional, high quality training with a trainer who is a highly experienced and an educator. This is also the deepest personal development in having the opportunity to resolve your own family dynamics in freeing your self in your own dynamics. This can only have positive impact on your professional services and as a Family Constellation facilitator.


In Brisbane in a 9 day intensive in January 2017

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Family Constellations is brief, solution focused, experiential, powerful and effective. Ideal for those who’re ready for change. As a counsellor and psychotherapist there is no other modality that can reach the depth of insight and resolution as this modality so quickly, deeply and sensitively. This is why it is my preferred way to work.  Interestingly you don’t have to bring the people of your issue with you.More information

There is no time like the beginning of the year to resolve a relationship issue, move on from a separation, resolve block to success

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