Love Relationships and Couples

Is your Marriage or relationship at breaking point?

Or perhaps you keep attracting the wrong type?

Family Constellations

We offer Family Constellations to highlight and help you resolve the underlying dynamics involved in your relationship and also. I also offer a unique Couples Therapy Rapid Core Healing.

You may opt for either or both, for a really effective approach that is enriching and healing for each of you and also the relationship.

Why choose Family Constellations?

If you have already tried counselling and improving your communication skills, and still find that recurring patterns, then it could be that one, or both of you, are involved in a systemic entanglement in your family of origin that is coming between you as a couple.

Poor relationships often stem from poor connections with one or both parents or ‘unfinished business’ with previous partners. Once this is cleared in a constellation you may be free to make new choices.

Family Constellations is a quick, gentle, effective alternative to marriage or couples therapy or premarital guidance for a greater chance of success.