Business owners, managers, consultants, HR staff and employees are increasingly faced with challenges of every kind within their organizations. Unfortunately, modern systems often leave out some fundamental dynamics that need to be addressed if the people working in them are to feel cooperative and appreciated. Business Constellations can quickly uncover and resolve problems with in the workplace between employers and employees. Unfortunately, modern systems often leave out some fundamental dynamics that need to be addressed if the people working in them are to feel cooperative and appreciated.

Business owners and managers are becoming increasingly intrigued in Europe by the elegant solutions that organization constellations and systemic thinking can offer them.

This may be just what you need to help sort out the difficulties and find the solutions you require. These may be organizational, relationship/personality problems or both and are ideal for constellation work.

Both small and large organizations, such as Mercedes and Volkswagen use Business Constellations to help keep harmony in the workplace and to improve efficiency.

 There is no doubt that In order to go anywhere, it is important to know where we’re heading. Aware people know that to be successful they need to be in touch withtheir purpose with a passion and also have adequate knowledge, skills and experience in their chosen field.

If we can maintain100% of focus on our goals, it is very likely that we will be successful sooner or later. However, if fear is present, this can become the invisible block that sabotages us at every turn. No amount of talking-it-through, motivational seminars or coaching may be enough to free us from it.

What gets in the way? Why do we self sabotage?

 To achieve goals you need to be following your passion and have a clear vision and feeling for what you are creating, but if this is confused or diluted with fear, the resultant energy or focus is dispersed and may oppose the goal.

Our mind consists of conscious and unconscious elements with the conscious mind being16-20% and the unconscious component consisting of approximately 80%. In reality most of us can sort out our conscious feelings and thoughts through reflection and discussion. However most of our fears and hidden beliefs are located in the unconscious mind or trapped in the body itself (as kinesiologists know).

While it is possible to reason or talk your way through irrational beliefs, fear is an emotion and emotions cannot be resolved by reason alone. Fear often has no rational basis and often persists in having a life of its own, in raising its head through predictable or unpredictable trigger-points that may also emerge as anxiety or panic attack. It may have its roots in experiences of failure or trauma from the past, or feelings of unworthiness from childhood.

How can you achieve a wonderful goal if at your core you don’t believe that you are worthy of it?

 In such cases there are a least two parts of you engaged in a ‘tug o war’ in your psyche. The unworthy part may be experienced as fear, which transforms itself into a powerful block or sabotage.

How to rid your life of the fear that inhibits your success in business and life?

 The medical model of psychology adopts the view that fear can be managed by CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and medication. This may indeed help, however ‘managing’ is just that; it is not a complete resolution. Talk therapies or methods that attempt to reason with fear, generally don’t work for many on a deeper level, while methods that deal with the roots of the fear in the unconscious mind, such as Clinical hypnotherapy (with a competent practitioner) is likely to be much more effective.

However, if the root of the fear is located in the systemic consciousness coming from ancestors, the deeper processes of systemic Family or Business Constellations are more effective. Systemic processes are particularly effective if the root of the fear is inherited from ancestral trauma, tragedies, exclusions or anything that caused shame or loss of dignity in the family system. Systemic Family or Business Constellations is a solution-focused, experiential process that is powerful and relatively brief, effective process that may stand-alone or be part of a longer personal development process.

It is very possible to eliminate the fear that blocks your success through Systemic Business Constellations.