1. A woman came who had a planter wart on her foot for more than 20 years. She had tried everything she could so far including having it surgically removed several times. Her constellation showed an issue in her aunts life on her mothers side. Two months after the constellations she wrote to say that her wart has gone.
  2. A woman came about her eating disorder. A previous relationship and her relationship with her parents were the main focus of her constellation. She reported that she has not experienced her Bulleamia since then 18 months ago.
  3. A man came with a back problem and reported that his father had a similar issue. The constellation went back into the the males in his fathers line where there was a disturbance in his grandfathers experience.After his constellation his back improved dramatically.
  4. A man came about his depression. In his constellation the depression of his mother became clear and the tragedy of her own parents. He reported feeling much lighter and no longer depressed.
  5. A man in his forties, called John, came to a workshop having had two failed relationships and was experiencing problems with his present partner. He had taken part in extensive counselling previously that hadn’t helped him improve his ability to relate. In his original family, his father had left the family when he was young and his father’s father had died in the war.


    In the constellation John was found to be very much ‘out of order’ with his parents leaving him emotionally entangled and not free to pursue a relationship. Through the process, emotions were released and order restored with each person taking full responsibility for their part in the situation. His father was reunited with his father (Johns grandfather) and John was able to connect with the males in his family in a healthier way and move on with his partner.


    John was suffering from a lack of male connections in his family and also from continuing to emotionally support his mother, so that he had not been truly available for a partner.



  6. A woman called Jane came to a workshop frustrated because she kept sabotaging her relationships with men. In asking about her birth family she told of how her grandmother on her mother’s side had died in childbirth leaving six young children and a husband, her grandfather. Her grandfather had married quickly in an attempt to make sure the children were looked after. Meanwhile the grandfather maintained his role as the breadwinner and the trauma of his wife’s loss was buried deep in the family psyche, probably in an attempt to move on and survive.


    The Constellation showed the family still deeply traumatized by the loss. Interestingly, the whole family including the representative for Jane expressed a strong feeling of guilt. Once the representative for the grandmother and lost child were included, there were many tears and the grandfather expressed his deep love and sadness to her. The constellation enabled the release of sadness, guilt and trauma that was still being felt by the present generation. They were able to acknowledge the essential part that the grandfather’s new wife had played in the survival of the family. This was enough to resolve the guilt feelings in the family and for Jane to take them into her heart as she reclaimed her feminine essence with dignity and pride in connecting with the women of her family.


    John and Jane are now getting on with forming better relationships now that they are more connected to their respective gender roles. This means that they are better able to relate, understand and know their position and role  in their potential/existing love partners.