Energy is Real

Some people Feng Shui their home, building or workplace to promote the best flow of energy to support them.

It used to be the case that talking about energy was a little ‘woo woo’. However Quantum physics and field theory show that energy is a fundamental basis of the Universe and all within it. This includes living things. The giant Einstein with his E=mc2 formula showed that energy and matter are interchangeable. There is no doubt that you and I are composed of matter and energy. We are energetic beings.

Interestingly it has been found that energetic beings have a field of energy around them, in the same way that planets do. In the Knowing field that occurs in Family or Business Constellations we have come to refer to this as the Knowing field. The Family and Business Constellation process repeatedly shows that we are part of an energetic, genetic and epigenetic system.

Family, social and business systems all have an energy of their own that can inform us if are open to exploring it. So why not use a process that reliably and safely taps into the at energy to guide us in showing us our underlying systemic dynamics in relational and work matters?

Even though we are very much self-made individuals, we are also part of family systems and while coaching, goal formation and motivation may be very helpful these stay at the level of the individual. Often it a systemic issue that is holding many of us back. No amount of personal work can resolve this.

Further the study of epigenetic shows that we are deeply linked to our forefathers and foremothers through socio-pyscho-emotional qualities that are passed down thorough relational bonds. We come into life with the deeply held senses and emotions of those that have gone before us as well as our own sense as individuals.

Did you know that a business or work situation also has an energy of its own? This is due to the energy that we carry and the energies of those who we work with or for. A business Constellation is a deep illuminating, resolving and clearing process for all kinds of business issues.

The pain of what you carry can stop you moving forward and achieving your full potential.

“What the caterpillar sees as an end – is the start for the butterfly, the beginning of a new world.”

Are you ready to start your journey now?

Consider what you have done so far. Living, growing, reflecting, reading, personal development, coaching, motivational seminars, therapy and yet you are looking for the next step in your growth and the process or experience that can get you to the next paradigm. You have arrived at the right place.

A great book to help you understand what it is you do to yourself with a set of programs that you can used to tailor your success can be followed and adapted to your needs is “Be Rich AND Spiritual”.

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