We offer two solutions for clearing blocks:

  • Business Constellations to clear your inner block looks deeper at the underlying core issues and their further implications in your life and also seeks to heal and find a resolution for you.
  • Organisational Constellations to increase the positive flow in your business

Business Constellations offer you a fresh perspective of your issue and the people involved. It may change the way you look at a situation. This can lead to a profound shift in your life experience when you take it on board.

clearing blocks

The process encourages each person to take full responsibility for their part only and not to carry emotions or responsibility for others inappropriately. The effect of this work is empowering and freeing.

Business Constellations are suitable for:

Individuals or Organisations and small business, team leaders, coaches.

Individuals in assisting you in aligning your purpose with your goals and resolving blocks and self-esteem or confidence issues

Organisations and small business: Conflict resolution, management and company success issues.