We all have an image of how we would like to be as women and a sense of how it might be to feel really full, nurtured and confident in our feminine essence, regardless of our size, shape, how we look, or age. There is no reason why we should not feel good about ourselves as we are. The most inspiring and sensuous women are not all physical beauties, but they do exude a certain warmth and deep ‘feel good’ that is very alluring.  Its good for us to see this as women, so that we can embrace who we are and attract potential partners. This comes from inside. It can’t be taught and no amount of hair style or clothing and make up will cover up our insecurities. Better to look at our essence; what we hold or carry and what we believe or feel about ourselves. There is no doubt that much comes from our formative years, but also what we carry for our family system and with the women of the family. We can do a lot about this now with Family Constellations. A Constellation can assist you in connecting with your feminine

It has never been more liberating and free as it is now. So much better than our mothers and grandmothers had to live with. I know we are still a long way from being equal in terms of employment and promotion opportunities, how women are portrayed, publicly and politically, but we have come along way. We still aspire to have great relationships and many to motherhood. We want it all. Liberation is good and long overdue, but leaves many in a state of confusion over their role and place as a woman. Confusion is perhaps even more so in the men. It seems we women need to redefine what it is to be a woman in todays world. What is appropriate for us to expect, how much we should give and receive and how do we do that?

A Family Constellation workshop or training is a great place to find your own place, reaffirm your natural female essence and stand tall and proud as who you are.

The next Family Constellations workshop is in Sydney 7-8 September and Systemic Family Constellations training takes place in Melbourne on 12-20 September.

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